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The Same Song With Different Tunes, A Bracha For Difficult Times – Meir Ben Dror Vocal: “Yesimcha Elokim Medley”

The Same Song With Different Tunes, A Bracha For Difficult Times – Meir Ben Dror Vocal: “Yesimcha Elokim Medley”

Singer and composer Meir Ben Dror, just released a vocal medley “Yesimcha“, as part of the tradition of producing vocal versions during Sefira. The medley combines two different tunes of the song “Yesimcha Elokim“, the first one performed by Yaakov Shwekey, and the second one by Avraham Fried.

The songs were combined into a vocal medley and are performed impressively by Meir Ben Dror, a member of the band called Beatdos, who specializes in producing impressive human voices vocally. Another member of the Moran composition also shares in the current work. “I chose these lyrics because I love the messages and the melodies are soothing. And caressing, “Ben Dror reveals.” Each and every one of us needs the blessing and private providence of Hashem and certainly during such complex days where Coronavirus is rampant.”

Today there are cover versions (cavers) for well-known songs in the vocal industry. “I wanted to connect to the classic, familiar “Yesimcha” from Avraham Fried, with the relatively new one from Yaakov Shwekey. Also to show the beauty of the old songs that are known, and the newer ones that didn’t catch or become entirely hits.”

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