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Tag "Yaakov Shwekey"

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It Could Be You – Yaakov Shwekey

I’m excited to present to you an all new song. This was an idea a long time in the making! When we do a good deed we elevate ourselves and the world. Let’s remember that it can be ME, it

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The Special Children’s Center presents the concert of a lifetime – THE YAAKOV SHWEKEY ELECTRIC CONCERT A Guy Ben-Gad Production LIGHT UP THE NIGHT Feat. 8TH DAY A totally new show that will keep you at the edge of your

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Yaakov Shwekey Releases The Piamenta Set – Yoely Dikman ft. Avi Piamenta Off The Upcoming Album Elevate

This project is dedicated in loving memory of לע״נ יוסף יצחק אייזיק בן ר׳ מנחם מנדל ע״ה Od Yishama – Yosi Piamenta Kol Hamesameach​ ​​- ​Turkish Yaala Mashiach​ – Kurdish Yoseph Nigun​ – Achiya​ Asher Cohen Alloro Siman Tov​ –

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EG Productions Presents YAAKOV SHWEKEY & The Yeshiva Boys Choir

EG Productions Presents YAAKOV SHWEKEY & The Yeshiva Boys Choir Tuesday – Chol Hamoed Pesach April 19th, 2022 – 7:00pm Seaside Park Community Arts Center (Formerly Ford Amphitheater) 2052 West 21st Street – Brooklyn 718-853-9403

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Lernin – Yaakov Shwekey – (DJE Remix)

Check out DJE, creating his own remixes with a sharp musical ear and unique style. Featuring the hottest Jewish songs out there from every type of music and beat. DJE has everyone on their feet and can be found hosting

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SHWEKEY – L’Chaim (Remix by DJ Niso)

On the occasion of Pesach, Yaakov Shwekey drinks 4 cups to life! With a Remix music video to sing the theme from his latest album A Toast To Life. The remix version produced by DJ Niso Slob, and it was

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Yaakov Shwekey ft. Shimon Levi – Ein Davar Ra

Yaakov Shwekey hosts Shimon Levy in a new single, with a special video shot in one of the most explosive places in Israel recently – Shimon HaTzadik’s Cave in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem. The lyrics are based on

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Lo Yaavod 2.0 – Shwekey ft. Yiddish

On the tenth anniversary of the album Cry No More, singer Yaakov Shwekey presents a new performance of his beloved song “Lo Ya’avod“, with the participation of members of “Yiddish” and a musical arrangement and production by Yanki Cohen.

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A Classical Kumzitz To Remember – Yoel Dovid Goldstein

A beautiful kumzitz medley with a heartwarming mix of songs, A Classical Kumzitz to Remember will touch your heart and have you singing along with the talented Yoel Dovid Goldstein. In addition to featuring six nostalgic favorites, A Classical Kumzitz

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Tempo 128 – Zrilly Wertzberger, Lev Choir & Naftali Schnitzler Productions

Story time: Who is this ‘soon to be everyone’s favorite’ singer Zrilly Wertzberger? Zrilly began his career as a member with the popular Lev Voices choir, eventually moving on as a soloist performing at Kumzitz all over. With his talents

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