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Yaakov Shwekey – A Single From A New Project ‘Guf Venshama’

Yaakov Shwekey – A Single From A New Project ‘Guf Venshama’

The Single, ‘Guf Venshama’ is the theme song from the first EP album that will be released in a few weeks. The song ‘Guf Venshama’ deals with the spiritual connection and the common denominator of every Jew, the recitation of “Shema Yisrael”. The song was written and composed by Avi Ohayon, arranged by Matan Dror, and accompanied by a sensitive and moving music video produced by ‘OlamMedia‘.  David Fadida oversees managing the production.

Ever since Simchat Torah, a profound sense of upheaval has gripped millions of Jews globally, leaving them with a feeling of groundlessness. In the footage, the boundless anguish in their eyes is evident, yet amidst it all, one constant remains—the anchoring island of sanity for every Jew in any circumstance, at all times, and particularly in recent months. It is the act of covering their eyes and uttering the words of Shema Yisrael, akin to saying, “Like a lost child, I came back to You.”

The album ‘Guf Venshama’ marks the initiation of an expansive project comprising a series of EP albums scheduled for release in the coming months. Within each album, Shwekey will showcase an array of musical styles, spanning Hassidic, Israeli, and English genres, featuring captivating duets with various singers. The underlying theme of the project is the promotion of unity across all segments of the Jewish people, a sentiment artistically echoed in the music. Each album will boast its unique artistic direction, contributing collectively to form a comprehensive and harmonious musical mosaic.

“The goal of ‘Guf Venshama’ is to make sure that there is no Jewish child anywhere in the world who does not know how to say ‘Shema Yisrael’,” says Yaakov Shwekey. “With this idea we started this project, and the challenging times that the Jewish people are going through now only strengthened the importance of this message.”

In the coming month, Shwekey will embark on a tour around the world to launch the project. The first tour will be in New York. Bezrat Hashem at the end of this month, before Purim, Shwekey will be in Israel for two performances at Binyanei Hauma to launch the project in Israel.

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