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For Women Only!

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Kochavim (@איציק דדיה – Itzik Dadya ) Cover | For Women and Girls Only

I’m so excited to present this cover with my talented students turned assistants Leeba Garfunkel and Shani Gootblatt!! We’ve been performing together almost every week for the past couple of months and I’m so lucky to have their tremendous talent,

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WE ARE THE POWER- Dobby Baum – Official Music Video

Calling all my sisters around Let’s show the world what we’re about We can be the stars that are shining in the dark We play our own special part Let your colors stand out and shine This is our moment

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This One by Bracha Jaffe I For Women and Girls Only

Nothing in life is handed to us on a silver platter. Every single one of us has challenges. Many are fleeting in the scheme of things, while others are extended battles. Challenges can often seem insurmountable, but we overcome them

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Am Yisrael Chai – Chaya Kogan- עם ישראל חי – חיה קוגן -Kol Isha- For women and girls only

When Operation Guardian of the Walls was taking place in Israel in May of 2021 to restore order when thousands of rockets were being fired at Israeli civilians, I kept hearing of incidents of Jews bullied and attacked on streets

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