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The Same Song With Different Tunes, A Bracha For Difficult Times – Meir Ben Dror Vocal: “Yesimcha Elokim Medley”

Singer and composer Meir Ben Dror, just released a vocal medley “Yesimcha“, as part of the tradition of producing vocal versions during Sefira. The medley combines two different tunes of the song “Yesimcha Elokim“, the first one performed by Yaakov

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Tri-Vocal – Yesimcha Elokim

The group Tri-Vocal or 3Vocal is now releasing their new hit A Capella song Yesimcha Elokim, together with an exciting music video. The group is comprised of ex-Kinderlach star Avishai Rosen, Chazan Shlomi Ben David, and tenor Orad Katz.

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Yaakov Shwekey Takes Over Nokia Arena [Photos]

Translated by Mordechai Tiefenbrunn During the past few years he conquered every single stage possible in Israel and in the world, including the national amphitheater in Caesaria, and just recently came back from a concert tour in the entire world

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