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Tag "Shloime Taussig"

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Biglall Ovois – Sampler 0

Its nigunim are those of the Chortkov chassidus composed by the famous R’ Munish Chazan. Some are very warm and full of heart some are very lebedig. The music on this special album was done by Chaim Hartman and Produced

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Kumzits on the Hudson 2 – VIDEO & Pix 0

Wow! What an evening. It’s about 11:45 and I just left Kumzits on the Hudson 2. It was rockin’, the boat I mean. The outing aboard the glorious yacht, Atlantica, was arranged by A TeeM production (Teeberg/Moskowitz). The stars were

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Heimishe Un Geshmack 0

New from MRM Music comes Heimishe Un Geshmack “in the chassidishe oifen”. For the first time in history comes a unique selection of old classics. Complete with a full orchestra the Meshomrim choir and featuring Shloime Taussig, Cheskel Levi and

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