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Kumzits on the Hudson 2 – VIDEO & Pix

Wow! What an evening. It’s about 11:45 and I just left Kumzits on the Hudson 2. It was rockin’, the boat I mean. The outing aboard the glorious yacht, Atlantica, was arranged by A TeeM production (Teeberg/Moskowitz). The stars were out tonight, among them: Reb Yankel Miller (Yarmer Rebbe Shlita), Yeedle, Shloime Dachs, Yehuda Green, Reb Michoel Schnitzler, Shloime Taussig, Shmiel Ber Webber, Yisroel Werdyger, Dovi Tessler, Tzvi Goldring, Aaron Zutler, "W" (Yoily Weiss), and Chili Posen (Hamezamrim).

After everyone boarded and got a "bissel oichel"(some food), Reb Michoel Schnitzler introduced the Yarmer Rebbe shlita, Reb Yankel Miller. Reb Yankel had people crying from laughter. He explained the difference between badchonus and leitzonious, jokes that’s can only be told in 1 language and stam "maises shehaya" that weren’t REAL maises shehaya. (stories that really happened )

With everyone in a good and joyous mood, Reb Michoel (after tzitering a little with Reb Yankel) introduced the first music act of the evening. A newcomer and part of the "Gershy" family, Yoily Falkovitch, sang Lechu Neraninu L’ashem (Yeedle). The "Gershy" Orchestra was there giving backup to his vocals which include the talented Dovi Tessler on keyboard and multi talented Tzvi Goldring on flute, sax, soprano sax and wood flute. Both were amazing and really played well off each other and the acts. Yoily’s voice was solid through the whole performance, a natural.

Reb Michoel got to his feet to announce the next performer. Shmiel Ber Webber is warmly accepted by the crowd. Shmiel Ber approached the stage wearing a captain’s hat and a guitar. He proceeded to play Yehi Rotzon from Lipa’s Baderech album. When the song finished the crowd started chanting, "Webber, Webber…" Then Shmiel Ber launched into his next song, Ad Heina (Fried). Now, I have to say that this is a major Fried song that not many could pull off singing let alone playing it. He did both spectacularly! The chevrah was finishing every verse with him. They were so entranced and into the song. Singing and clapping, Reb Yankel, Yeedle, and everyone were harmonizing. For his last song of the evening he chose Yisroel Betach B’Hashem (Carlebach). After the first word EVERYONE was either humming or just outright singing. The applause at the end of his set was thunderous.

Reb Michoel gets up again and says the next performer has a cd coming out shortly and is from a famous family. Who is it you wonder? Yisroel Werdyger. Now many of you have been hearing his name but not many have seen him live or heard him. You’re in for a treat. He was phenomenal! He started with Mah Ashiv (MBD, singing louder the then crowd and hitting those extra high notes. It was amazing! Check out the videos and see for yourselves. His next song was the famous Anovim Anovim (MBD) which has been heard at every simcha since Yossi Green re-released it on his album the 8th Note. Yisroel had a surprise of the evening. Yisroel was going to sing a song off his album entitled Kivini, which was composed by the one and only Lipa on the night of March 9th. It is a really upbeat song that caught on fast, so much so that they stopped the music and the crowd was singing it.

Yisroel called out that since his cousin Yeedle was there, they should sing together. They got right to it singing Kol Yisroel (Yeedle). Wow! Who would have put these two talents together like that? They sounded great together. They then proceeded to sing Ono (MBD) which of course had the crowd going again. Reb Micheol and the crowd are chanting Ma Tamar, so Yeedle obliges and sings the now famous song! The chevrah went wild clapping and singing. It was really nice.

Michoel then announced that a long time chaver of his will be singing next. Shloime Taussig started off with Kol Beromo, one of the first songs that Yossi Green composed (London School of Jewish Song). It”s a really old niggun to get the oilam in a great place and prepared them for the next song. Shloime then started Ani Maamin (MBD). Again with a song like that that EVERYONE knows, it is one amazing Kumzits. Shloime again and again surprised the oilam at the height of his voice and of course his vocals, which were enhanced by Tzvi Goldring on his array of Flutes and Saxaphone. Next, he flowed into the famous Lo Amus (Michoel Streicher or MBD), which again had everyone singing the chorus as one "Pischu Li". That turned into Al Kol Rega (MBD). Just like last time, Shloime sang Lipa’s wildly popular "Hentalach", and ended with Ribonoi She’l Oilom (Mona Rosenblum ). Taussig mentioned that among the chevra was Shloime Reichberg from Mekimi, Ari Frankel of AF productions, and Sam Solomon.

Reb Michoel said that before the main event, the BIG event of the evening, there would be a 5 minutes break to clear away the tables and let everyone move towards the stage for the Kumzits.
Everyone is already chanting for Yehuda Green. Yehuda Green approached the stage the crowd went wild. They then grew silent and he proceeded to sing Adir Hu (Carlebach). Now when Yehuda starts you can hear a pin drop, but as the chorus approaches so does the momentum and the crowd launches into song. Backing up Yehuda Green is the Yehuda Green band, which features Aaron Zutler and Avidan Moskovitz on guitar and vocals. How do you describe Yehuda performing? He is IN the song when performing. His voice is so melodious, strong, and powerful. I mean you would have to be to be heard above the throngs or people singing along with him. Yehuda next sang Yisborach Shimcha (Carlebach), which flowed into Nachamu Nachamu Ami. When Yehuda finished, everyone was calling out their favorite songs and Yehuda told the crowd that they are his favorite and he loves them all. Next up was Av Harachaman (Carlebach), and finally a Yehuda original, I’m Eshkoich. Everyone had been anxiously awaiting this song and proceeded to sing along with Yehuda. He followed up with Hashiveinu(Carlebach), and then proceeded to tell the crowd the story of Rav Huna, who sold his belt for food for Shabbos. The crowd was mesmerized. Next, we got to the really good stuff, Shabbos. Yehuda sang Sholoim Aleichem (Carlebach), which then flowed into Kiddush. People sitting on the floor rocked back and forth, singing, with their hands waving in the air. This is the feeling that Yehuda Green brings across. Haneshomo (Carlebach) was next, and then a definite crowd pleaser, The Days is Coming-Henei Yomim Boim. It was getting late and since the beginning people have been shouting for Yehuda to sing The Barditchiver (Yehuda Green), he gladly launched into the song. The Finale of course was Moishe’s Niggiun (Yehuda Green). It was an amazing way to get together after Tisha B’av and make a glorious Kiddush Hashem.

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Video to follow iy"h this evening.

Reb Yankel Miller (Yarmer Rebbe Shlita)

(Captian )Shmeil ber Webber

Yisroel Werdyger

Cousins Yisroel & Yeedle Werdyger

Yeedle singing Ma Tamar

Shloime Taussig

Yehuda Green

Ren Yankel Miller

Yoily Falkovitch

Shmeil Ber Webber

Yisroel Werdyger part 1

Yisroel Werdyger part 2

Yisroel & Yeedle Werdyger singing together

Yeedle singing Ma Tamar

Shloime Taussig part 1

Yehuda Green part 1

Yehuda Green part 2

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