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“Hayom” ft. Mordechai Shapiro + Krohma Music

Intense and electric! Meaningful and moving! We cannot say enough about the extraordinary joining of the Krohma Band and Mordechai Shapiro. As they say in Brooklyn, “it don’ ged no beddah den dis.” Feel the music in your heart and

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Neshoma Orchestra Presents: Yossi Green’s Moshe V’Dovid

This amazing music video featuring the composition, recording & music video “Moshe v’Dovid.” This amazing song was composed by Yossi Green, arranged by Mendy Hershkowitz & produced by Yossi Tyberg & Michael Sojcher for Neshoma Orchestra. The vocals are done

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Moshe Wins ‘A Jewish Star’ – Soul II Soul 5770 review & pictures

Moshe Wins ‘A Jewish Star’ Photo Credit: Meir Pliskin for Binyamin Moshe, 20, was declared the winner of ‘A Jewish Star’ singing competition Sunday, at the finals which were held at the Soul II Soul 5770 concert in Brooklyn’s

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A Jewish Star: Top 3 Finalists

Here are the Top 3 finalists for A Jewish Star singing competition chosen by judges Avraham Fried, Michael Sojcher and Mendy Pellin. And the Top 3 Finalists Are… from on Vimeo.

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The 10 Semi-Finalists of A Jewish Star Competition 1

10 Semi-Finalists received the most votes in and Soul II Soul’s ‘A Jewish Star’ singing competition. Judges Avraham Fried, Mendy Pellin and Michael Sojcher will choose three finalists from your top ten. The three finalists will perform at the

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A Jewish Star – with 23 contestants reveal real talent

A Jewish Star Singing Competition. Soul II Soul and – a Chabad Community News Service – presents the Jewish Star singing competition, where contestants compete for a chance to be named a “Jewish Star” at the Soul II Soul

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