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V’chol Mi Sheoskim – Shim Craimer

V’chol Mi Sheoskim – Shim Craimer

Dedicated to the Hatzalah heroes in the Chicago area and Hatzalah around the world risking their lives daily. Thank you.
“And all who are involved faithfully in the needs of the community may the Holy One, Blessed is He, pay their reward and remove from them every affliction, heal their entire body, and forgive their every iniquity, and send blessing and success to all their handiwork, along with all Israel, their brethren. And let us say: Amen

Composed by Shim Craimer
Sung by Shim, Ben and Eli Craimer
Vocals arranged by Shim Craimer
Music arranged mixed and mastered by Ian Freitor
Video by Eli Craimer……

Copyright Shiru Productions @2020

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