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Tzvi Silberstein – SIMCHA [Audio Sampler]

The album we have all been waiting for is finally here!!. Tzvi Silberstein created a musical master piece. Eleven brand new songs that will no doubt create a new standard for Jewish music. From song selection, to musical arrangements performed

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Nafshenu Orchestra Presents: Chaim Dovid Berson & Zemiros Group

Nafshenu Orchestra Presents: A Twenty Five Piece Orchestra: A Magical Chupah Featuring: Chaim Dovid Berson & Zemiros Group, music conducted by: Meir Briskman. Singing “B’Sheim Hashem” (Benny Friedman) composed by Marc Levine.

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Chol Hamoed EXTRAVAGANZA at Niagara Falls LIPA SCHMZETZER BORUCH SHOLOM BLESOFSKY SHLOMO SIMCHA & The NAFSHENU ORCHESTRA Sunday Oct, 12th, 2014 Sunday & Monday October 12 & 13 Chol Hamoed Succos Receive Discounts to attractions & the following hotels: Embassy

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Shlomo Simcha & Nafshenu Orchestra Release: NAFSHENU FUSION + Audio Sampler

This album, arranged by Attila Fias and David Kerzner, is a fusion of the soulful Carlebach songs, the heartfelt work of Nafshenu’s (Toronto) musicians, and the powerful voice of Shlomo Simcha. Also featured on the album are the sweet voices

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The 5th Annual Dani Gala and Community Celebration featuring Dovid Gabay & Shlomo Simcha

The 5th Annual DANI Gala and Community Celebration featuring Dovid Gabay & Shlomo Simcha joined by the Achdus Choir & The Nafshenu Orchestra Monday March 28th, 2011 Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts 10268 Yonge Street Celebrating our volunteer

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Updated Chol Hamoed Concert Listings 3

Being that there are an abundance of performances this Chol Hamoed Succos, we thought it would help if we told you on a daily basis whats available in alphabetical order.   WEDNESDAY [in eretz yisroel] The Municipality of ‘Beer Sheva’,

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