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MD Schwartz With His Debut Single “Hoshana”

MD Schwartz from Lakewood, NJ has been on the Kumzitz scene both as a musician and a vocalist for a few years now. As a composer & singer-songwriter at heart, MD felt it was time to release one of his

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WATCH: Chazzan Yaakov Stark Puts You In The Sukkos Mood With Ganchoff’s “Hoshana”

In preparation for Sukkos, Chazzan Yaakov Stark is releasing a powerful new composition full of yearning and emotion, based on the well-known and intricate “Hoshana” that was composed by Chazzan Moshe Ganchoff. “Hoshana” joins the legendary series of music videos

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Gideon Levine Releases A New Single For Hoshana Raba “Hoshana”

הושענא והושיעה נא, למען חייך מכרכר בשיר אבינו אתה, המלמד תורה בכל כלי שיר About 15 years ago, singer and producer Gideon Levine was approached by a young composer Rabbi Yaakov Feingold to listen to his songs and help him

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“Om Ani Choma” – Yeshiva Roeh Yisrael Sings Hoshana (New Single)

“Om Ani Choma” is one of the Hoshanot that causes our heart to tremble and touches the depths of the qualities of our nation, which for many generations “has been thought of as sheep to slaughter” (נחשבת כצאן טבחה) only

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Yoni Z – Hoshana [Official Music Video]

Seven weeks after the release of his debut album and just in time for Sukkos, Yoni releases his new music video, breaking boundaries once again with this moving and brilliant masterpiece, “Hoshana.” Filmed in Kiev, Ukraine by the most innovative

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“Revolutionary.” “Album of the Year.” “Fresh.” “Each Song Layered with Meaning” – headlines we all read growing up seeing the posters in the streets, the magazines and sites about new music albums. Just over ten years ago, at the young

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