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“Revolutionary.” “Album of the Year.” “Fresh.” “Each Song Layered with Meaning” – headlines we all read growing up seeing the posters in the streets, the magazines and sites about new music albums.

Just over ten years ago, at the young age of fifteen, Yoni a Chabad resident of Crown Heights promised to make a change.

“My first gig was in Toronto, August of 2007. A wedding, I wanted to do it but was also terrified to get on stage. I was never in a famous choir as a child and never held a mic, but I figured what do I have to lose? I got on a Greyhound bus, completed the job and got paid fifty dollars – Canadian. Do the math,” Yoni laughs.

“For about two years, I performed only in my hometown to gain experience for $100 a night. I took every dollar and reinvested into musical and vocal training. Did I ever dream it would take this long? I didn’t. But Emunah and ambition put me back on my feet every time I’d fall.”

It was then, Yoni began building an album of his own. Composing, co-writing, forming the necessary connections that would take him seriously. He then met Yanky Katina, the producer of the album that we see today.

“I saw ambition. an insane amount of raw talent and a child who would stop at nothing,” says Katina.

The rest is all history.

Yoni has garnered world fame over the last few years, performing concerts across the globe without even having his own record.

“I think the key is ultimately loving what you do and making your audience your partner through every show. You can’t fake it, it must come from the depth of your soul.”

The album which includes an intro and thirteen tracks, along with stellar music videos; each hand-chosen, crosses all spectrums. From classic Jewish ballads like ‘Hoshana’ to dance hits like ‘Taam Vareach’ featuring Jewish superstar Gad Elbaz, available below as a gift from Yoni to the fans for FREE, have already received rave reviews since the initial singles that were released this winter.

The album is currently going for second printing, since the pre-order sales have been sold out and can be found today everywhere music is sold, as well as digital platforms beginning over the (Nachamu) weekend.

The Future Has Arrived.

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