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Tag "Gad Elbaz"

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A Surprising Duet: Moshe Klein & Gad Elbaz “Lenasot”

You can’t miss this! The rising star Moshe Klein releases a new duet together with the superstar Jewish singer Gad Elbaz, a summer hit that will blow up the radio stations and the dance floors. The song was written and

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Full Video – GAD ELBAZ & DJ KLMN – Good Shabbos FT. JO MESSA

GAD ELBAZ in a new fun music video. It will make you wanna SING & LAUGH ,and DANCE to the sounds of this incredible song! Watch listen and share to promote the Shabbat. Good Shabbos GAD ELBAZ & DJ KLMM

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Singer & Composer Benny Michaeli Together With Superstar Gad Elbaz In A Prayer Song For The Geula “Yavo HaYom”

The special duet “Yavo HaYom ” by Gad Elbaz and Benny Michaeli is presented together with an exciting Israeli clip alongside an adaptation and masterpiece production by the talented producer Alon Peretz. The collaboration was created when Benny Michaeli –

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Purim Crashers Music Video Brings The Party With Gad Elbaz & His Buddy Bodi

When Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson made the hilarious film “Wedding Crashers” they likely had no idea is would spawn a Purim music video. The new YouTube video “Purim Crashers – Venahafoch Hu” features Jewish music star Gad Elbaz and

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Gad Elbaz – Achashverosh

In a joyous explosion of color and song, Gad Elbaz brings the story of Purim to life in Achashverosh, a musical romp that is sure to delight viewers of all ages. Alternating between the reading of Megillas Esther in a

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International musical collaboration, an exciting work that expresses the prayer of the heart Tachzik Oti – Strengthen Me, is a touching song written and composed by Itay Amran and arranged by Gad Elbaz in our US studio. A collaboration between

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International Jewish Star Gad Elbaz Releases The Hit ‘Geulah’ – Redemption Together With Producer SHINER

When darkness is rising in the world it is time to bring out the light. ‘Geulah’ is a refreshing rhythmic hit in the Gad Elbaz’s signature style. It was written, composed and produced by SHINER. The accompanying music video for

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Gad Elbaz With An Exciting New Single “Ata Shalom”

Internationally renowned Jewish star Gad Elbaz has released an exciting and touching new song. Only he can capture the essence of this unique rendition of “Ata Shalom.” Gad Elbaz masterfully conveys a powerful message of achieving peace among us with

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International Jewish Star Gad Elbaz Releases New Hit Single “Kol Yachol”

Music is the greatest tool for lowering the mercy of heaven, opening gates, opening hearts and connecting with the wind! Gad Elbaz presents the song “Kol Yachol” which connects the listener directly to the depths of the soul and strengthens

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Gad Elbaz – Hallelu – Acapella Version

Singer Gad Elbaz in the vocal version of his song “Hallelu” is a combination of the famous Chabad melody and an original section in a new vocal arrangement by the processor Moti K.

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