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Tag "Brooklyn College"

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KIMZITZ Starring Shulem Lemmer, Levy Falkowitz & The Shir V’shevach Boys Choir

Project Productions presents KIMZITZ SHULEM LEMMER – LEVY FALKOWITZ SHIR V’SHEVACH BOYS CHOIR MEZAMRIM CHOIR Music by the YOCHI BRISKMAN ORCHESTRA Thursday, Chol Hamoed Pesach, April 13th – 8pm MEN ONLY! Brooklyn College Ticket prices: $26, $30, $36, $50, &

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After more than 2 years, Yaakov Shwekey is back in concert in BROOKLYN! Following the recent release of his newest smash-hit album “Kolot“, Yaakov will be singing some of those songs live for the first time, as well as his

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YBC Live Succos ’13 With The Chevra

Boro Park Center BE A PART OF HISTORY! This Concert Will Be The Recording Of YBC LIVE 5 Yeshiva Boys Choir LIVE! Performing The Title Track Of Their Upcoming Album Welcoming Back Soloists from the past Celebrating 10 YEARS OF

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[JI Exclusive] Chanukah MusicFest with SHWEKEY, LIPA & 8TH DAY

Milk & honey Productions presents The Hottest Show of the Year! Chanukah MusicFest YAAKOV SHWEKEY LIPA 8TH DAY The “Ya’alili” Guys Music By The Yochi Briskman Orchestra Motzei Shabbos December 10th, 2011 – 8pm Brooklyn College Nostrand Avenue & Avenue

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YBC Live! Succos ’10 with Dovid Gabay, Eli Gerstner & Dovid Stein

EG Productions presents YBC Live! Succos 2010 YESHIVA BOYS CHOIR singing a brand new song from their upcoming album DOVID GABAY singing songs from his new hit album “Eretz Yisroel” ELI GERSTNER singing a brand new song from the next

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TeeM productions presents LINEUP OF A LIFETIME! MBD – FRIED – LIPA GERTNER – YEEDLE – GREEN ELI LAUFER An incredible tribute concert honoring 30 years of music from the great Moshe Laufer! Thursday evening, June 3rd at 7:45pm –

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