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Photos & Video from YBC Live! with Dovid Gabay, Eli Gerstner & Dovid Stein

This past Sunday night YBC Live! Succos 2010/5771 took place at Brooklyn College. Superstar singer Dovid Gabay appeared alongside the world renown Yeshiva Boys Choir joined by Eli Gerstner and Dovid Stein. Dovid Gabay performed hit songs from his latest

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Lipa & Friends at Chevron

Even the elderly living in Chevronrejoiced yesterday with Lipa & friends. Not since the time when Mordechai Ben David held a simchas beis hashoeiva did Chevron or Kiryas Arba remember such simcha during chol hamoed succos. This year the producers

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Shaul Hayoun with a NEW single: Amen Amen

In honor of Sukkot and zman simchaseinu, singer Shaul Hayoun has released the best single to bring across the simcha of this yom tov.. The son entitled “Amen Amen” and will be featured on his upcoming Mizrachi album which should

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HASC 23: 2 Video Previews

Suki and Ding present, HASC’s A Time for Music 23. This incredible musical event is now available on Double CD, DVD and digital download. You can watch a six minute preview of the show here. Also as a bonus ,

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Lipa & The Freilach Orchestra Live on the Kol Berama

Not two days ago we informed you that Israeli radio station “Kol Berama” had a Simchas Beis Hashoeiva LIVE in studio for the first time with Yaakov Shwekey. Today again they continued with world renown sing/performer/composer Lipa Schmeltzer and the talented Freilach

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Avremel & Lipa with Yehuda Green & Shloime Dachs Pix and Video

Milk & Honey Productions presents: Simchas Beis Hashoeva Concert with Avremel & Lipa Yehuda Green and Shloime Dachs Motzei Shabbos Chol Hamoed Sukkos September 25th, 2010 in Brooklyn College. Music by Yanky Katina and Orchestra. Shloime Dachs Yehuda Green Lipa

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Malky Giniger & Sara Strobel present: Naaleh

Malky Giniger & Sara Strobel present: Naaleh. Featuring over 100 girls of the Ratzon Maryland Division. Ratazon is a program that enabled women and girls to enjoy a healthy outlet while expressing themselves, with a focus on developing their inner

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Kol Berama hosts Yaakov Shwekey for Simchas Beit Hashoeiva

First time in Israeli radio history! The great Chasidic singer, Yaakov Shwekey performs in the studio of radio “Kol Berama.” Special production of radio “Kol Berama” Simchat Beit Hashoeva his listeners with a great radio Chasidic singer, Yaakov Shwekey accompanied

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