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JME LIVE! presents LIPA & CHAIM YISRAEL FIRST TIME EVER IN NY Music by FREILACH Featuring: Mendy Hershkowitz, Avrumi Schreiber, Nachman DryerShaya Lieberman & More Chol Hamoed Sukkot 09-23-13 – 7:30pm 09-24-13 – 1:30pm Millennium Theatre 1029 Brighton Beach Ave.

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HASC XXVI Review/Recap

by Yossi Zweig Photos by Stan Weiss On January 8, 2012 The HASC summer program presented HASC 25, a concert celebrating a quarter of a century of great Jewish music for a tremendous cause. The show included performances by Avraham

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[EXCLUSIVE] Ve’yiyu Rachamecho – Eli Beer MUSIC VIDEO

Singing sensation Eli Beer continues to captivate listeners with his heartfelt compositions and stirring voice that is laden with both warmth and emotion. His unique style defies description with music that draws listeners in and reaches to the depths of

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Naaseh V’nishma by Yossi Green for Shavuos – Freilach Band & Zemiros Choir

After working closely on Weddings, Bar Mitzvas, Concerts and in Studio, The Freilach Band & The Zemiros Choir came together once again and recorded Live Jam Session of the song Naaseh V’nishma, composed by the greatest Jewish composer Yossi Green.

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[Exclusive] Enjoy Purim 2011/5771 Ad D’lo Yoda from the best in Jewish Music!

Gold Label Productions? There’s a new production company in town, owned by Lipa Feldman who came up with this amazing idea. Every year thousands of Bochurim scour the globe to collect muchly needed money for Yeshivas, Mosdos and Tzedaka. Each

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Lipa & The Freilach Orchestra Live on the Kol Berama

Not two days ago we informed you that Israeli radio station “Kol Berama” had a Simchas Beis Hashoeiva LIVE in studio for the first time with Yaakov Shwekey. Today again they continued with world renown sing/performer/composer Lipa Schmeltzer and the talented Freilach

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