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On The Way To A New Album: Kobi Grinboim – Ki Saavor B’mayim [Live Video]

On The Way To A New Album: Kobi Grinboim – Ki Saavor B’mayim [Live Video]

Singer Kobi Grinboim continues to storm the playlist: On the way to his debut album he releases another single, more relaxed and less electronic, a song that caresses the soul and presents another side to Grinboim‘s musical character.

In the past year, Grinboim has shown wonderful ability and siyata d’shmaya that greatly assisted in the selection of songs, melodies and arrangements. So far, all the songs he released on the way to his debut album have been marked as “Bingo”. BH, the previous singles and duets (“Vikbatz”, “Mi Shahav”, “Shkoyich”) were received with great admiration by the yeshiva public, at events and also in the media, and immediately became frequent hits. Now on the eve of Rosh Chodesh, Kobi is releasing the fourth and final single before the album that was released in the summer iy”h. “Ki Saavor B’mayim“. A song that is a creation, an moving and touching ballad, with an accurate melody by Eli Klein that raises the special text and brings it to the intensities of emotion of the kind we all need at this time.

“I really wanted, that the last song that seals the frame of the singles before the release of the album, to be exciting, simple and touching,” says Grinboim. “The combination of the lyrics with the melody of Eli Klein and the arrangement of the duo Klein & Berry make this song one, that you can not stop humming it.”
In the best tradition with Kobi, a new clip was shot for the new single that accompanies the song. Students of the Shaare Yitzhak Yeshiva in Beit Hilkia, heard the song, connected with it and joined the filming of the clip, the result is playful and exciting, do not miss it.

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