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Tag "Eli Klein"

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Chaim Moshe Rechnitz Presents: Oolai – A Song For Miron

This song was written after the Miron Tragedy. This is a song about Hashem and His People. Credits: Song Composed By: Chaim Moshe Rechnitz & Zac Grodzinski Vocals: Chaim Moshe Rechnitz Lyrics By: Chaim Moshe Rechnitz Cover Art By: Chaya

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The Unifying Light of The Rashbi: United Worlds A Huge Duet With An Exciting & Captivating Melody!

The uniting light of R’ Shimon Bar Yochai has brought together a major duet that is sure to move everyone’s hearts. Meir and Ahrele joined forces once again to bring us a duet featuring Chaim Israel and Ari Hill for

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Yossi Green With A New Song L’zecher Shragee Gestetner Z”L

הבן יקיר לי שרגי אליהו The Story Upon exiting the ניחום אבלים during the Shiva for Shragee Gestetner ז”ל, I was told by Gershy Moskowits that in addition to his family there was a very close ידיד and משפיע of

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R’ Shloime Taussig In A Vocal Version Of The Hit “Ezri” Off The Album “5 Kolos”

The days of Sefiras Omer are already here and R’ Shloime Taussig presents a vocal version of the song “Ezri“. The song, composed by Yitzy Berry and found on the EP album “5 Kolos” recently released by R’ Shloime, has

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Shmueli Ungar & Hershy Weinberger Feat. Yoeli Klein, Shaya Gross & Naftali Schnitzler – D’Tzach

Known composer Hershy Weinberger was on phone call with Shaya Gross to create a memorable gift of song for a mutual friend of theirs by the name ‘Boruch Miller’ that recently got married, Shaya being busy at the moment gave

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Mordechai Fixler – Mizmor Ledavid‏

The cantor and musician Mordechai Fixler is performing the new single Mizmor Ledavid‏. Composition: Mordechay Fixler and Eli Klein Arrangement: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry

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Shmuly Schneider – Ad Bli Dai [Official Lyric Video]

Enjoy this high-energy new song produced by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry. After recently hitting the scene, Shmuly Schneider has already earned a name for himself as a gifted singer with a voice that can inspire a crowd of hundreds

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Shloimy Feingold – Park Studios Presents: Lanetzach – Forever, Sung by MBD

Being in the atmospheres of the upcoming Yom Tov Purim, Shlome Feingold – Park Studios is happy to present to you a brand new song just in time for the Yom Tov called “Lanetzach – Forever” Sung by the one

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Pinchos Deutsch’s Debut Single That Will Introduce You To The Purim Atmosphere: “Shoshanas Yaakov”

Here is the debut single from Pinchos Deutsch, a new artist in the Chassidic music world. Previously he learned together with Meilech Kohn, Eli Beer, and the Pumpidisa in Meah Shearim in Yersuahalayim. Now for Purim he is releasing his

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Hatov Ki Lo Chalu – Moshe Katz

An inspiring mashup of 2 powerful songs with 1 important message. Thank you Hashem for all the goodness you bring us! From the biggest moments to the smallest details of our lives we thank you Hashem. כי מעולם קוינו לך

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