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Kobi Grinboim – Kaf Zechus “LIVE”

Kobi Grinboim performed a CD release concert of his new album called Zechus. The concert took place in the cultural center in Pisgat Zeev in Yerushalayim. During the concert, Grinboim performed some of the songs from the album, arranged by

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Kobi Grinboim Releases His Debut Album: Zechus

Singer Kobi Grinboim releases his debut album “Zechus.” After years on the stage and singing at weddings, he concludes two years of closure in the studio and continuous recordings with an exciting result a fine and varied hit album that

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On The Way To A New Album: Kobi Grinboim – Ki Saavor B’mayim [Live Video]

Singer Kobi Grinboim continues to storm the playlist: On the way to his debut album he releases another single, more relaxed and less electronic, a song that caresses the soul and presents another side to Grinboim‘s musical character. In the

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Kobi Grinboim – Ki Taavor Bamayim [Official Music Video]

Successful chassidic singer Kobi Grinboim just release a new single and music video on the way to the release of his upcoming debut album. This time the song is in the style of sweeing ballad titled “Ki Taavor Bamayim“. Composed

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Kobi Grinboim & Aaron Razel – Mi She’Oheiv

Kobi Grinboim, singer and artist, took a piece out of the Mesillas Yesharim and together with Aaron Razel, composed and recorded this song, Mi She’Oheiv. This is his second single, arranged and produced by Yehuda Galili and it is being

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Kobi Grinboim – Vikabetz [Official Music Video]

Kobi Grinboim is finally releasing his debut single called Vikabetz, and original song from his upcoming debut album. Eli Klein wrote the added lyrics that are not from the Pesukim. The song was arranged by Eli Klein together with Yitzy

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Kobi Grinboim, Yachad Choir Israel, Sosna

Watch as singer Kobi Grinboim performs the classic legendary hit Yossi Green song V’az Yihiyu Kol Yisrael Tzaddikim together with the Yachad choir, conducted and arranged by Srulik Veitzman, together with Yisrael Sosna.

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Kobi Grinboim & Yehuda Glili “Nussach Chevron”

For the first time in history, a major orchestra performed a medley mix of some of the davening pieces of Yeshivas Chevron. A few months ago there was a major dinner for the Chevron Yeshiva in Petach Tikvah. When the

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