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Kobi Grinboim Releases His Debut Album: Zechus

Kobi Grinboim Releases His Debut Album: Zechus

Singer Kobi Grinboim releases his debut album “Zechus.” After years on the stage and singing at weddings, he concludes two years of closure in the studio and continuous recordings with an exciting result a fine and varied hit album that suits everyone.

This is an original album, “after years of work that unites styles like the public I perform with: Chasidim and Lithuanians, Sefardim and Ashkenazim and also Kippot Serugot. I am happy for the right to emphasize an important motif in Jewish life ‘Zechus‘ which is an integral part of every Jew.”

Kobi says that the idea for the album was always in the air, but only when Corona started, did he decide to embark on the album creation journey. “Singles that immediately caught the public attention, made their way to the playlists of the radio channels and gained a lot of interest.”

Songs like the rhythmic Veykabeitz, Ki Saavor Bamayim, Mi SheOhev with Aaron Razel and the chassidic Shekoyach, caused a huge expectation from Kobi. Listening to the new album in its entirety, reveals that the promise has been fulfilled in full, B.H. Apart from the original songs, other songs are hidden on the album, such as a lovely Shabbat song Im Toshiv, a real work of art composed by Yossi Green, who is also featured in the song “And that’s a great privilege for me.” A new longing song written by the excellent Yoeli Dickman, and also an exciting song written by Motty Ilowitz that will make us all shed tears, like the name of the song itself .. Demaot.

As for the album’s theme song, Kobi Grinboim explains that it’s not just a song, it’s a guide to life. “I think that every person if they get used to it to this extent, even if it is not part of the 13 principles of the Torah. To discuss this right is one of the principles of Judaism. On Yom Kippur he taught right, and we need to learn from him … “.

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