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Kol Chai Music Presents: “Nagen Hamenagen”

Kol Chai Music Presents: “Nagen Hamenagen”

Four years since the establishment of the Jewish Music Station, the most balanced ultra-Orthodox station in the sector, the station presents a rhythmic and vibrant musical single ‘Nagen Hamenagen‘.

In the best tradition, the people and artists of the station participate in the song and the video, this time joined by the best chassidic artists who enjoy their singing.

The song was composed by composer, arranger, and broadcaster of Kol Chai Music, Eli Klein on the lyrics of the words from sefer Melachim ‘והיה כנגן המנגן ותהי עליו יד ה’. The musical arrangement of course he collaborated with his longtime partner Yitzy Berry.

The new song, ‘Nagen Hamenagen‘, joins his three older brothers: ‘Shana Tova‘, ‘K’shehalev Niftach‘ and ‘Manginim Mei’Halev‘, which Kol Chai Music has produced in recent years, and were very successful, but this time, on the fourth anniversary of the station, they surprised fans with a rhythmic and energetic song, which will illustrate the atmosphere of joy, which they strive to instill in their hundreds of thousands of listeners.

To perform the song, the biggest Israeli artists joined in including: Avi Ilson, Avremi Roth, Eli Herzlich, Eli Friedman, Eli Klein, Elad Cohen, Gil Israelov, Yehuda Dym, Yuval Stuppel, Yaron Bar, Mendi Weiss, Moshe Klein, Nemouel Harroch, Pini Einhorn, Tzvi Weiss, Kobi Brummer, Kobe Greenbaum, Ruli Dickman, and Shlomie Cohen. When the station is joined by: Ephraim Kamisser, Erez Shmueli, Asher Graver, Yaakov Bloch, and Manny Gira Schwartz.

Kol Chai music director Israel Azulai says: “BeChasdei Hashem, we are happy to continue leading a real Jewish musical agenda. Thank you to the dozens of artists who took part in the blessed project. Special thanks to Kol Chai Group CEO R. Avi Rosen for the inspiration and push. In the prayer that we will continue to sanctify his name, he will be blessed with joy. ”

Composer: Eli Klein
Musical arrangement and production: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Recording Studio: Musical – Avraham Yashakov and Uri Cohen
Photography and editing: Liron Apota
Production: ‘Kol Chai Music’
Actual Producers: Yishai Neumann Shimi Werker | Yitzhak Izikovich

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