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Tag "Eli Friedman"

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Benny Friedman Releases A New PURIM Album “It Sounds Like Purim!”

Benny Friedman, one of the most successful singers in the Jewish world, pampers his fans ahead of the upcoming Purim with a dance album full of Purim songs which you can sing all Purim long. The album contains 58 songs

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Mihu Ha’Ish – Eli Friedman With A New Single For Adar!

‘Mihu Ha’Ish‘ Eli Friedman, as usual, brings a new flavor to chassidic music lovers, and this time in a special song for the month of Adar, a new rhythmic and refreshing Purim song in the style of country music. “מיהו

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Kol Chai Music Presents: “Nagen Hamenagen”

Four years since the establishment of the Jewish Music Station, the most balanced ultra-Orthodox station in the sector, the station presents a rhythmic and vibrant musical single ‘Nagen Hamenagen‘. In the best tradition, the people and artists of the station

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Eli Friedman With A New Single For Purim “Balayla Hahu”

Singer and composer Eli Friedman does it again with a new single released in honor of Purim. The words are from the megilla “Balayla Hahu.” As usual with Friedman, it comes from original and other. This time it’s in the

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Yanky Orlansky Presents: Kah Riboin

Yanky Orlansky Presents A relaxing atmosphere, lavish accommodations, beautiful ambiance and gourmet foods are just some of the enchanting amenities that the Crown Plaza in Stamford, Connecticut has to offer. On an Erev Shabbos, with the hustle and scurry of

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‘Shana Tova’ – The New Song By The Announcers of ‘Kol Chai Music’

Here is the musical project that will close off this great year. Yehuda Dym, Yaron Bar, Ephraim Kamisar, Gil Israelov, Eli Klein, Naftali Kemph, Eli Friedman, and Erez Shmueli all got together for a major musical production. These eight artists

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Eli Friedman – El Beit Avi [Official Music Video]

Eli Friedman is now releasing a music video for one of the songs from his latest album, which is called Rechovot Ha’Nehar. The song is El Beit Avi. Despite having 20 years worth of experience in the music business, this

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To The Sound Of Electronic Music, Singer Michael Kunsman Presents His Debut Single “Yasis Alayich”

Michael Kunsman presents his debut single “Yasis Alayich.” This song is in the style of dance pop and was co-produced with his brother Yehuda. The two are the sons of Raphael (Roman) Kunsman, the late Jazz artist. In the life

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For The First Time In Chassidic Music, Singer Eli Friedman Says Download His New Album For FREE!

Eli Friedman is revealing a new website in honor of his twenty years involved in creating Jewish music, and is inviting everyone to receive his new album called Rechovot Ha’Nehar. For the first time ever, a Chareidi artist is giving

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Eli Friedman Prepares You For Yom Kippur With A New Single – “Minhag”

The singer Eli Friedman is considered one of the most esteemed artists in chasidic music and has brought with him a long list of musical compositions for the High Holidays, from “Hineni Oni” to “Mechalkel Chayim” etc. For 17 years,

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