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Tag "Moshe Klein"

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Moshe Klein Arrives in Jerusalem For A Summer Show “Nitzotz Yehudi”

Moshe Klein opens box office for the summer show “Nitzotz Yehudi” and releases a vocal performance of the hit “Hayom.” It’s finally happening, the first show of “Moshe Klein” in the Holy City of Jerusalem. In the show, Moshe will

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Refreshing & Cool! Moshe Klein – Baderech El Ha’or

Singer Moshe Klein did not rest for a moment, releasing yet another summer hit “Baderech El Ha’or” on the melody written by Elchanan Elchadad and the arrangement of Shmuel Cohen. After a busy album with hits, the singer “Moshe Klein”

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Moshe Klein – Ta’ir Et Darki Acapella

Off his new album, singer Moshe Klein releases a vocal performance for Sefiras Haomer for a hit that scorched the radio stations and dance floors “Ta’ir Et Darki.” The vocal arrangement and production was entrusted to Moti K.

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Second Vocal Album For Singer: Meir Ben Dror – “Levavot”

Exactly a year ago, Israeli singer Meir Ben Dror released his first vocal album which was a dizzying success and wide-ranging praise, today he is launching a fine vocal album, his second, “Levavot“. Ben Dror, accumulated a long mileage in

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Moshe Klein In A New Energetic Single “Ha’Yom”

Singer Moshe Klein is releasing a new hit song called Ha’Yom, together with a beautiful music video. The song was composed by Elchanan Elchadad and arranged and produced by Ayal and Yair Shriki.

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Moshe Klein – A New Single In Honor of Purim – “Kacha Yeioseh”

Rosh Chodesh Adar Beis is already in the doorway, a few days before Purim, the singer Moshe Klein is releasing a new single – “Kacha Yeioseh“, in an energetic and Purim atmosphere. The song was composed by Yair Steiner and

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Kol Chai Music Presents: “Nagen Hamenagen”

Four years since the establishment of the Jewish Music Station, the most balanced ultra-Orthodox station in the sector, the station presents a rhythmic and vibrant musical single ‘Nagen Hamenagen‘. In the best tradition, the people and artists of the station

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Moshe Klein With A New Single Off His Debut Album “Mah Tovu Ohalecha”

Moshe Klein is releasing his debut album called Nitzotz Yehudi – The Jewish Spark, together with a single from within the album called Mah Tovu Ohalecha. The song was composed by Naftali Schnitzler and arranged and produced by Yochanan Uri.

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The Debut Album From Moshe Klein “Nitzotz Yehudi” [Album Preview]

It has been five years since Moshe Klein took the Jewish Music industry by storm, performing at weddings nightly and gracing stages all over Israel. Moshe Klein has become a household name with his exceptional vocal abilities. His no-limit range

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Composer Elchanan Elchadad Wrote & Composed, Moshe Klein Performs – “Har Meiron”

Shortly after the heavy tragedy that befell the people of Israel on Lag B’Omer in Meron, the composer and composer Elchanan Elchadad sat down and wrote an exciting and thrilling song for 45 kodshei Meron, including two of his relatives.

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