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Jewish Singers From Across The Globe Unite & Declare “Je Suis Juif Ani Yehudi”

Jewish Singers From Across The Globe Unite & Declare “Je Suis Juif Ani Yehudi”

Exactly a year has passed, yet the memories of the victims killed during the terrorist attack at “Hyper Cacher” (Kosher supermarket) in Paris, have not been forgotten. Veteran Israeli musician Shai Barak decided to produce a music video using the slogan: Je Suis Juif – that became the symbol of the attack around the world and especially in France.

Barak approached popular Jewish singers from across the globe, and together they recorded a pop song, that they hope will send out a message of Jewish unity. The song was written and sung in 3 languages: Hebrew, English and of course French.

Among the singers, from Israel: Gad Elbaz, Yishay Lapidot, Aaron Razel, Mendy Jerufi, Shai Barak, JEW2, Dou Reim, Udi Ulman, Amiran & Arik Dvir, The chief IDF cantor Shai Abramson,The Buba Myses Puppet rock band and more.

From the US and the UK: Lipa Schmeltzer & Matt Dub, Benny Freidman, Beri Weber, Eli Gerstner, Shloime Gertner, Ely Katz and more.

From France: Nemouel Harroch, Avraham David, Rap sensation Avraham Moyal and more.

All the singers from around the world filmed themselves using smart-phones in “SELFIE” format. The clip hopes to be the first Jewish Selfie music video, and unite Jews from all denominations around the world.

Barak: “Like all Jews around the world, I was touched to see thousands of French people holding signs with the words ‘I’m a Jew’, at Republic Square. I was looking to produce a song that would express this feeling of Jewish unity, around the world. I hope that this song will become an anthem among all the Jews, everywhere, especially during this difficult time for Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora”.

Original idea and inspiration: Zvika Klein
Hebrew lyrics: Tsippy Manovich
French lyrics: Avraham David
English lyrics: Tsippy Manovich & Eli Gerstner
Rap lyrics: Avraham Moyal
Composed and arranged by Shai Barak
Mixed and masterd by Oren Latz
Video editing by Shai Barak and Aharon Orian – OLAM U’MLO’O
On-line editing by Aharon Orian

I'm a jew - Shai Barak & friends cover

Je suis Juif
אני יהודי
I am a Jew and I am proud you can see
Je suis Juif
אני יהודי
One heart one love my brother come sing with me

אלפיים שנות גלות
שנאה ופשע
כשהאויבים מכים
בכח רשע
יש עם חזק עם אמונה
שעוד תבוא הגאולה

בלי מורא ופחד
ראש נרימה
עם ישראל חי
וצועד קדימה
לעד פועמת התקווה
נצעק בקול בגאווה
Nous sommes un peuple nous sommes unis
New York Tokyo Londres ou Paris
Main dans la main plus jamais peur
Hachem est là dans tous nos coeurs
A chaque instant le jour la nuit
La même foie nous réunie
Aime ton prochain et n’oublies pas
Ta meilleure arme est la Torah

I am a Jew and I am proud
To be one
When we shout loud with pride
We’ll never give up
This is the answer to them all
Let’s raise our heads and let’s stand tall.
They’ll be no tears
and no more sorrow
we’ll stop the fear
so we can face tomorrow
Stepping outside this darkend phase
We fill our hearts with hope and faith.

Bref! Trop de blabla! On va tous mettre à plat ,Au nom d’Allah? Halam! Tous ça c’est pas halal!
On veux la paix.. à jamais..
mon histoire j’veux y croire
Salam shalom ahi ça c’est la victoire, le son de la victoire
L’amour dans nos cœur a tout nos frère et sœ love hai

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