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JI EXCLUSIVE! Shlomo Carlebach “Songs Of Peace” Out Today Via Sojourn Records! 0

Shlomo Carlebach, known as the ‘Father of Modern Jewish Music’ may no longer be with us but his music continues to live on in the hearts and minds of those he touched with his songs. This has never been more

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A-Z Report with SHUA KESSIN and special guest Ozer Babad 2

In this episode of A – Z Report series I get to interview Shua Kessin. Shua is someone who has been making quite a splash these past 3 years. Shua, who is more well known for his Carlebach flavor and

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Effi Rosen – “Tachlit Ra’ayon” : After the promising single, the debut album 0

Effi Rosen, a singer with a ringing voice, considered a rising star in the world of Hassidic music, presents his debut album. Rosen, aged 30, married and the father of five, lives in Ashdod. In his youth he was the

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Amiran Dvir- “Now is the Time” A wintry upbeat hit towards a new album 1

Amiran Dvir, (35), directs one of the most successful bands in religious-Chareidi circles. He began playing classical music on the piano at age 4 and by the age of 6 he had already written his first musical piece. At a

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Ki Tov – new video clip by Sandy Shmueli 0

Ki Tov is a new fascinating song and video clip from the Israeli – American Singer Two weeks all the Radio stations are playing “Ki Tov” again and again. The song was writen by Asher Lugasi and Sandy Shmuely. It

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THE YITZY BALD BOYS CHOIR is looking for fresh new talent. 0

The THE YITZY BALD BOYS CHOIR is looking for fresh new talent. We are both an upbeat and an inspiring choir at the same time. Our sound is unique, classy, contemporary and very original. We are in the midst of

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Send In a Cute Photo/Enter to Win $100 at Mostly Music! 0

Send in the cutest photo and enter to win $100 at Mostly Music! Email entries to [email protected] Photos must be with a Shua Kessin cd cover/poster/printout or something that has to do with the new release of Lo Lihitya’eish.

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EvanAl Orchestras – the new band on the block 0

You probably have been seeing a lot of videos on Youtube, Gruntig, Yideotube, JewishMusicPlus etc. featuring a new band called EvanAl, playing with  popular singers like Shauly Waldner, Dovid Gabay, Beri Weber and everyone in between. Well here’s the scoop.

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The YeshivaBoysChoir  website has launched! Go to and you can hear samples from all the albums. You can also download (for free!) sheet music from any of the 4 YBC albums.

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