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Shea Rubenstein Update! 2

Shea Rubenstein 31, I began singing at the age  of 10 in the Sharia Zion choir in Brooklyn , became a Baal Teffilah at age 17. He performed at concerts and calbach davenings all over the country including Israel and Italy and

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A new single for Ido Portal 1

  Physical therapy consisted of playing the guitar… Hailing from Kibbutz Meirav in northern Israel, Ido Portal (20) is a religious soldier and graduate of Eli Yeshiva in Binyamin. Ever since he could remember himself, Ido has been into music.

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The new album from Avrumi Roth 0

“Sitz” -The new album from singer Avrumi Roth is recorded from a live event, which was a Melave Malka, accompanied by a choir of Yeshiva bachurim. About 2 months ago, Avrumi and his band got together with Gershon to make

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Shovei El Arecha- Dov Shurin 0

Dov Shurin has been a famous singer for many years already. Over the years he has put out few albums, included among them collaborations with Rav Shlomo Carlbach. From then on andas it appears forever, even during the time that

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The discovery of the year; the new single by Netanel M. “Shema Evyonecha” 1

  Chazzanim and Ba’alei Tefilla are always fond of the Yemai Rachamim and the days during which we say selichos. The electrifying atmosphere of Teshuva adds beauty and a spiritual aroma that is specific to the piyutim of these Tefillos

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Shmuel Ber Weber UPDATE! 30

  Artist/Performer: Shmuel Ber WEBER Producer: Naftali M Schnitzler Co-Producer: Gershy Moskowitz   Composers: David Kaufman, Motty Ilowitz (a jewish lyrics song, rock), Tula Weil (a new star), Isaac Altman (composer of Im Atem), Yossi Green and Pinky Weber. Lipa is working on

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Menachem Herman single Sweet Home Jerusalem

It’s been some time since we’ve updated you folks on what’s happening with Menachem. Time is precious for you, so we will keep it brief, & news worthy. Menachem has been busy, playing, traveling, playing & traveling some more. But

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