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Avremi Roth Sings To Yossi Green’s Melody “V’enizkeh”

Avremi Roth Sings To Yossi Green’s Melody “V’enizkeh”

Chassidic singer Avremi Roth continues the series of pop songs he recently released and launches a new and energetic single called ‘V’enizkeh‘. Like his previous songs “Chesed Shebesed” and “Metzoy Chein BeNigunom” which became huge hits in chassidic music, “V’enizkeh” was composed by the greatest chassidic composer of all time, Yossi Green, and produced by the duo Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry.

Avremi Roth, who is often associated with his deep and powerful voice, has recently changed his musical style and released, as mentioned, a number of recent pop hits that have been a resounding success on radio stations and playlists. “I would not say that I have really changed my style,” Avremi Roth points out. “I just make the necessary adjustments to the current musical style and put out songs that will also suit the current era. But the authentic cantorial cantata and music are still ingrained in my soul forever.”

The connection between Avremi Roth and Yossi Green is not new, the two have already released two albums ‘Emes Veyatziv‘ and ‘Nussach Green‘ from tefillos Shabbos composed by Green and a number of other musical projects. He recently returned to collaborate with the series of pop hits in question, with ‘V’enizkeh‘ being the third song in the series produced by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry.

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