• Eli Hertzlich Simchas Yom Tov At “Radio Kol Chai”


    One late night last week, Chassidic music star Eli Hertzlich came to the radio studio of the Kol Chai station in Bnei Be ...

  • Singer BARYO Surprises With The Release of His FIRST EVER English Song “I Am Sorry”


    After having a number of tremendous hits that have become staple songs in the world of Jewish music, such as “Or Ha’ ...

  • Yerachmiel Releases New Single “CHASAL”


    Here is a cute little song composer/arranger/singer YERACHMIEL just released for Pesach. “CHASAL” was writte ...

  • The Wach Family: Leilu Hu Yotza Mi’Mitzrayim


    The Wach family is a family of 11 children, boys and girls who sing together. Over the course of the past 15 years, the ...

  • The Moetzet Sings “Pirchei Medley”


    The members of the new project “Moetzet Hashira Ha’Yehudit” gathered a few months ago in Tel Aviv, and with the pa ...

  • Coming Soon Ari Goldwag – A Cappella Soul 2 [AUDIO PREVIEW]


    The official album preview of A Cappella Soul 2. Songs composed by Ari Goldwag (except Borchu with Moshe Dov Goldwag and ...

  • Baryo Chakshur “Yeled Gibor Sheli”


    Singer Baryo Chakshur, who is considered one of the rising stars in Jewish Music nowadays, arrived in Israel a few days ...

#ChadGadyo #ZemirosStyle #2014

What’s the latest and most popular dance song at weddings and events these days? You guessed right: The Penguin Dance! Have you ever wondered if there are words to this song? Well, there aren’t. Or are they just missing? Not anymore! The talented Zemiros Choir, led by Yoel Polatseck took the Penguin Dance to a

Smilow Family Tours Presents AVRAHAM FRIED In Concert

Smilow Family Tours Presents AVRAHAM FRIED In Concert Special Guest SHUA LEHRFIELD Chol Hamoed Pesach Thursday, April 17th, 2014 – 8:45pm Bonaventure Resort & Spa 250 Racquet Club Road Westin, Florida 33326 Choir by KOLOS CHOIR Tweet

Rabbi Mayer Erps Presents: “The Great Plan”

Rabbi Mayer Erps is back with another exciting story cd entitled, “The Great Plan“! Following his other cds, “We Will Never Change” and Rags and Riches, which are now in their second printing, Rabbi Erps brings yet another classic story cd for children. Boris Gafiltakovsky has devised a great plan. His friend, Peter Krutyansky, has

Echad Mi Yodea I Kinderlach & Itzik Dadya

This Pesach the Kinderlach will appear alongside Chasidic singer Itzik Dadya central in Chevron where they will perform this new single for the first time on stage in Hebron. The single is a cover version of the song “Echad Mi Yodea” which the Kinderlach released last year as a duet with singer Lipa Shmeltzer, and

A.K.A. Pella Presents: 2014- A Pesach Medley [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Here it is, the Pesach parody you’ve all been waiting for… times six! A.K.A. Pella delivers six awesomely re-imagined songs, rolled together into one fun medley, expressed in this hilarious music video! Oh, and did we mention? It’s all a cappella!!! We’re sure you’re going to love it, and hope you spread the love far

Chad Gadya: Yochai Ben Avi With A Music Video Featuring Arutz Me’ir

Yochai Ben Avi is a music student, and continues to release Yom Tov songs. After songs about Succah and Lulav, as well as Ma’oz Tzur that he released earlier this year, he is now releasing for Pesach a new tune to Chad Gadya. This time, Ben Avi is joining with Mordy Kirschner from Arutz Me’ir,


Once again, talented singer Meir Goldberg takes on a classic of yesteryear, this time with Amar Amar, a remake of Moishe Oysher’s Amar Rabbi Elazar. With a unique style that pays homage to the cantors of the golden ages while simultaneously keeping his vocals timely and fresh, Goldberg’s considerable talents shine in this, his second