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Yossi Green – Ein Anachni Maspikim

Yossi Green – Ein Anachni  Maspikim

There are moments in life when a person feels clearly and without doubt that the רבש”ע bestowed incredible טוב on him! And then one thinks in his heart “Thank you, רבש”ע, thank you!”. But then there are those times when the person realizes suddenly, “Wowowowow! The רבש”ע is constantly and consistently being משפיע טוב on me! How can I thank Him enough for everything!!!” And the person starts screaming and singing at the top of his voice “No No No we don’t thank Him enough!!!!”. “How could we thank HIM enough for all the GOODNESS!!!”

A Chilu Posen & Hamzamrim Choir Production
Arranged by Zisha Schnitzler

In honor of the Stern Family Simcha

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  1. Yedid from Reb ari shlita
    Yedid from Reb ari shlita 27 November, 2019, 00:56

    This song says it all beautiful very appropriate for Reb ari this is a pumping song ahhh yidishe taam

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