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YOM YOM – Dovid Lowy Composed by Pinchas Wolf [Official Music Video]

YOM YOM – Dovid Lowy Composed by Pinchas Wolf [Official Music Video]

With all the business in one’s life and the constant turmoil in the world, it’s very easy to forget to thank Hashem for everything we DO have. Even more than that, to thank Him and MEAN it.

It was after prolific composer Reb Pinchas Wolf of Detroit, MI was going through a particular treatment where he was having a difficult time. What gave him chizuk at that time was the mantra, to take one day at a time and thank Hashem each step of the way. With that in mind, Pinchas decided to compose a song about blessing Hashem for each and every day. Yom Yom is the latest single from Pinchas Wolf. The song will be featured on his upcoming fourth album Shirei Pinchas 4 produced and arranged by the talented Doni Gross. As in the past, Wolf always has a talented vocalist to “give voice” to his nigunum. This song is no exception. He reached out to rising star Dovid Lowy of Ramat Beit Shemesh to give this modern song some unique color and flavor. The end result is a song that you will be singing long into the winter. Not only does the song feature Hebrew lyrics, but it also features some English words penned by the talented Mrs. Chayala Neuhaus.

Yom Yom is being released with a fun and upbeat music video scripted by Dovid Lowy himself and filmed and edited by the ever talented Shimmy SocolShimmy Socol (Mordechai Shapiro’s Schar Mitzvah, Machar, Benny Friedman’s Reb Yehoshua Omer, Meilech Kohn’s Likrat Shabbat etc.). The video reminds us that even when you seem to be at a hard point in life, there is still so much that we have to thank Hashem for. Besides, it could all turn around in a minute.

Song Credits:
Composed by: Pinchas Wolf
Arranged by: Doni Gross
English lyrics by: Mrs. Chayala Neuhaus

Video Credits:
Concept and script by: Dovid Lowy – DL Productions
Filmed & Edited by: Shimmy Socol – So Cool Productions

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I open up my eyes , and my heart starts to sing,
And step into the rhythm that this new day brings,
I’m Living in the moment , gonna make it mine,
and take it One day at a time

With an attitude of joy and gratitude
Sure There’s worry and there’s fear but I’m not going there
I’m out to find the blessings and opportunity
That’s waiting right there just for me!

Cuz I know
Today is the day, to lift my hands up high and say
boruch hashem yom yom yom,

Tommorrow’s far away,
I’ll be singing come what may,
Boruch hashem yom yom,

With this force of energy
I’ve got all I need in me
Boruch hashem yom yom yom,
Hashem has got my back
so there’s nothing that I lack,
boruch hashem yom yom

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