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Yankie Drebin’s New Song – My Child [Official Music Video]

Yankie Drebin’s New Song – My Child [Official Music Video]

This song is about how Hashems love for us is unconditional, the way a parent loves a child. When my daughter was little I used to lay with her every night until she fell asleep, and once she would fall asleep I would give her a kiss and say I love you. One night, after she fell asleep, I was thinking how it doesn’t really make any sense for me to love her so much when there’s nothing she’s ever done for me, or ever given me a reason to love her. If anything she only made my life harder, taking on such an enormous responsibility.⁣

That’s when I realized that this love that we have for our children is not meant to make sense, because we can’t possibly comprehend the love Hakadosh Baruch Hu has for us. The only way we can possibly begin to understand the way Hashem values and loves each and every one of us is by Him giving us the gift of unconditional love for our children. However good or bad you may think you are, Hashem’s love is unwavering. A child can bring his parents tremendous angst and worry but at no point does the child question the love his parents have for him.⁣

My hope for this song is not only for you to understand this love that Hashem has for us, but to really feel it so that we can continue growing closer to Him.⁣

First and foremost I have tremendous gratitude to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for enabling me to write this song to share with you. If this song can even inspire a single person it is extremely humbling for Hashem to have chosen me as the sheliach.⁣

I would like to thank the incredibly talented Yitzy Waldner for your willingness to put in the time and effort to make this song as good as it can be. If not for you taking the few minutes to listen to my song back when I first wrote it, my dream of sharing my music would still be very distant.⁣

I would also like to thank Ian Freitor of Playmasters Studio for really caring about this song and always taking the time to listen to all my ideas and really wanting to make sure I’m happy with the final result. And boy am I! It was a huge pleasure hanging out with you and working with you, it’s an honor for me to call you a dear friend. Your impact on every single jew through your musical genius is immeasurable.⁣

Special thank you to my dear Aunt Ruchie Torgow for really helping me with writing the lyrics, your expertise is the reason why this song’s message was able to be portrayed the way it is.⁣

Thank you Sruly Meyer and Tzvipi for working with me to make this production something special. It was a tremendous pleasure working with you guys and I hope we can work together in the future!⁣

Finally I would like to thank my wife ,family and My Rosh Yeshiva for standing with me and pushing me to chase my dreams. I could not have possibly done this without you!⁣

Producer – Yitzy Waldner⁣
Composer – Yankie Drebin⁣
Lyrics – Yankie Drebin⁣
Arrangements – Ian Freitor⁣
Piano – Ian Freitor⁣
Back Up Vocals – Yankie Drebin⁣
Video – Tzvipi⁣
Design/PR – Sruly Meyer⁣

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