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Yaakov Shwekey – LeDavid [Official Music Video]

Yaakov Shwekey – LeDavid [Official Music Video]

Songs I’ve seen over the years, are messages, lessons, insights and stories cloaked in a melody.
And when delivering a message, timing is everything.
For ten years, I’ve had a tune dancing around my mind originally written By Shai Itzhar Winberg, a rousing snatch of melody waiting to be revealed.
It was nearly forgotten. But it was really waiting for its moment.
Then, the virus struck and the world turned upside down. Anxiety, worry and fear ran through the streets like rivers- the panic was real.
And then the tune came back to me. My good friends, Mendy Worch and Yitzy Waldner, created a high part for it, transforming it into a beautiful song.
לֹא יִירָא לִבִּי I shall not fear.
We don’t view the upcoming days of judgement with panic and worry, even though our lives hang in the balance. By us, the awe is fused with joy and confidence. Because the Judge, the King who will decide our fate, is also the Source of light and salvation.
So LO IRA. I shall not fear. L’Dovid, we will recite every day throughout this season, Hashem ori v’yishi…
This song carries within it the assurance, the faith and the calm that comes with the knowledge that He loves us and shelters us.
כִּי אַתָּה עִמָּדִי
In times of uncertainty and confusion, we cling steadfastly to these words, to this reality.
There is only Him. There is no reason to fear. See the light, and sing along. Lo ira.

Composers: Shai Itzhar ,Mendy Worch, Yitzy Waldner
Arrangement and Music Production: Tamir Tzur
Video Production: OlamMedia JLM
Concept: Aharon Orian & Izeek Daniel

#LeDavid #OyOyOy

לְדָוִד ה’ אוֹרִי וְיִשְׁעִי מִמִּי אִירָא
ה’ מָעוֹז חַיַּי מִמִּי אֶפְחָד
אִם תַּחֲנֶה עָלַי מַחֲנֶה
לֹא יִירָא לִבִּי
אִם תָּקוּם עָלַי מִלְחָמָה
בְּזֹאת אֲנִי בוֹטֵחַ

גַּם כִּי אֵלֵךְ בְּגֵיא צַלְמָוֶת
לֹא אִירָא רָע
כִּי אַתָּה עִמָּדִי

I got no fear inside this
I know that you’re always with me
You’re always by my side

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