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Yaakov Shwekey ft. Shimon Levi – Ein Davar Ra

Yaakov Shwekey ft. Shimon Levi – Ein Davar Ra

Yaakov Shwekey hosts Shimon Levy in a new single, with a special video shot in one of the most explosive places in Israel recently – Shimon HaTzadik’s Cave in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The lyrics are based on the sefer Peleh Yoeitz, composed by Israel Gutfarb and Shimon Levy, musical arrangement and production by Tamir Tzur, Yanke Cohen Choir Production, directed and edited by Chai Afik, produced by Daniel Pro.

Shwekey with the full story:
I would like you to meet Shimon Levy. Shimon was a few weeks old baby when a terror attack occurred on Motzei Shabbat 20 years ago (Adar 5762, March 2002) in Bet Yisrael neighborhood in Jerusalem. Shimon was rescued from under a car that was on fire that night. Shimon and his family survived.

A few weeks ago I got from my friend, the musical producer, Tamir Tzur, a draft for the lyrics “Ein Davar Ra Yored Min Hashomayim/Nothing bad comes from heaven”. The song and the message touched me deeply and I told Tamir that during my next visit to Israel, we must record this song.

This song was composed by Shimon Levy, the baby who survived 20 years ago, who is not only talented in writing music and lyrics, but also a singer with an amazing voice and special emotional capacity and I invited him to perform the song as a duet.

We shot the video clip in Shimon HaTzadik Cave in Jerusalem. Tamir Tzur and Shimon‘s father, Rabbi Oren Levi, study there together and spread the Torah and the miracle in the whole world”.

וזה כלל גדול בעולם
שנחשוב ונאמין באמונה שלמה
שאין דבר רע יורד מן השמים
הכל לטובה

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