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Wonderboy Yehonatan Ben-Ezra With His Debut Single “Bati Lehodot”

Wonderboy Yehonatan Ben-Ezra With His Debut Single “Bati Lehodot”

After several years during which he accompanied the great cantors, the prodigy Yehonatan Ben-Ezra moves to the front of the stage and releases a debut single called ‘Bati Lehodot‘. Lyrics and composition by Eli Klein who also arranged and produced the track with Yitzy Berry.

Wonder boy Yehonatan Ben-Ezra releases his debut single called ‘Bati Lehodot‘ written and composed for him by musician Eli Klein. Yehonatan, who began his career in the world of cantorship, was discovered in his youth as a child with a rare musical sense, and began his professional career with Cantor Chaim Eliezer Hershtik.

In recent years, Yehonatan has accompanied Cantor Yisrael Rand in the tefilla of the Yomim Noroim at the Great Synagogue in Ramat Gan as part of the “Kolot Min HaShamayim” choir conducted by Rafi Bitton.

Bati Lehodot” was written and composed, as mentioned, by Eli Klein, who also produced a musical together with Yitzy Berry. The lyrics describe the situation in which a child in adolescence stands, thanking for the past and asking Hashem for the future as well, “אתי לבקש ממך לשיר מהנשמה.”

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