The SHOW #2



Yossi & Yodo are back for “The SHOW” part deux. More music, news and just hocking around. They interview superstar a capella meister MIKE BOXER on his new album SIX13. They debut 2 songs off Shea Rubensteins album as well as Worl debut a song off the new “CLUB TANTZ”. If you want to know more check out the latest show or by tuning in to Monday thru Thursday 12pm-1pm.

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  1. yaakov
    yaakov 28 December, 2008, 19:10

    could you make the next show an mp3 file so I could play it in the car

  2. Aharon
    Aharon 12 January, 2009, 21:06

    Yeah, it would be much better that way I could listen to the Neilah song on my iPOD

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