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FORGIVENESS – Don’t Let Resentment Keep You Captive

Someone steps on your toe and apologizes; you forgive him. But what if someone steps on your ego? On your bank account? On your life? Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski – beloved author, talmid chacham, and psychiatrist – shows us how

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The Rosh Hashanah prayer service. So many hours. So many prayers. Here’s one way to make them more meaningful to us. Twerski on Machzor Imagine having a wise, experienced, compassionate friend sitting next to you as you pray on Rosh

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SEIZE THE MOMENTS: Captivating Nuggets of Torah Wisdom

A moment here, a moment there: That is all you need! Today’s rarest, most precious commodity is not gold or oil or even water. The most valuable thing we all possess is – time. In our busy lives, it’s so

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GEVURAH: My Life, Our World, and the Adventure of Reaching 80

“Life is a great teacher. The longer you’ve lived, the more you’ve learned and the more you can teach.” – From Gevurah: My life, Our World, and the Adventure of Reaching 80. As a bestselling author and world-renowned psychiatrist, Rabbi

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In Laws: It’s All Relative-A proven roadmap for parents and children to successful relationships within the family 0

Don’t believe all those old jokes: In-laws DO NOT have to be outlaws! Few things in our lives are more valuable than our family relationships — and few things are more complex. And when those relationships begin, not at birth,

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