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Moishy Schwartz – Dayenu

It is precisely in times of crisis such as this that an uplifting song can carry us through the day. Just as a single candle casts its warm glow and brightens a pitch black room, so does a joyous melody

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HaLev Sheli – Yiddish – Moishy Schwartz & Motty Ilowitz

The song ‘Halev Sheli’ – By Ishay Ribo – became an worldwide hit. Here is a performance of Halev Sheli, translated in “Yiddish” by Motty Ilowitz & Moishy Schwartz. A Moshe Grunfeld Production Filmed and Edited: Ari Levy Original Song:

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The LPR Project – Shema Yisroel [Official Music Video]

Welcome to the LPR Project! We are not a band, nor a group, we are a community of musicians creating good vibes!! We often collaborate with great musical talents looking to break away from the hustle of the music industry

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Yoely Weiss – I Love Hashem

A new Kumzits song has hit the world with the name “I Love Hashem“. The words are from the holy Reb Nachman in his sefer Meshivas Nufesh, The song is composed by Shlomo Nechemya Rosenberg, and sung by the famous

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Avrumy Kalisch & Tuli Brull: I Dance You Dance – איך טאנץ דו טאנץ

This past August, the mega talented duo Avrumy Kalisch & Tuli Brull, released the hits single Bashefer I’m Yours which took the world by storm. Since then, the two have been learning in Yerusholayim while working on their upcoming album.

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Beri Weber: Hashem Melech Acoustic

Gad Elbaz‘s song Hashem Melech acoustic cover by Beri Weber and Moishy Schwartz on guitar.

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Musical Mishloach Manos from Yoely Falkowitz – FREE DOWNLOAD

In honor of the fast approaching yom tov of Purim, acclaimed singer Yoely Falkowitz is presenting this FREE download, a re-mix of the hit song “Tish Nigun” composed by the mega talented Yitzy Walder. This amazing song was one of

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[] New Kids DVD: Mitzvah Blvd

Puppets and real-life people are the stars of a new DVD for children “Mitzvah Blvd,” packed with Torah and Jewish values. Let’s see… Aleph… Hey… Gimmel… uh, no, that’s not right. The Gimmel comes before the Hey and after the

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Lipa, Shragy & Sruli Green with Pinny & Moishy Schwartz at Ari Haas’ Wedding

Lipa Schmeltzer, Shragy Gestetner & Sruli Green with Pinny Ostreicher & Moishy Schwartz at Ari Haas’ Wedding in Ateres Rivka in Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY. Ari Haas is a new composer in the Jewish music world, he has composed songs

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