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Flying To Uman? Dudi Knopfler With A Remix That Will Take You To The Rebbe “Uman Rosh Hashanah”

R’ Nachman famously said that it’s a big ענין to make a כריז (Announcement) about Uman Rosh Hashanah. The idea is that everybody should be זוכה to Join the tremendous experience of Uman Rosh Hashanah! This year I have the

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Dudi Knopfler feat. Mendy Worch: “Etzli Al Rosh Hashana”

R’ Nachman M’Breslov famously says, that it’s a big ענין that one should make a כרוז (announcement) about Uman Rosh Hashana. The idea is that everybody should be זוכה to join in the tremendous experience that is Uman Rosh Hashana.

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Mendy Worch: Rosh Hashana Uman!! {NEW SINGLE}

Every year, thousands of people travel to Uman Ukraine to daven at the Kever/Tzion of the holy Rebbe R’ Nachman of Breslov. It’s well-known that Rabbi Nachman said those who daven by him in Uman on Rosh Hashana will merit

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Matt Dubb – Heilig (feat. Worch)

Behind the making of this record… About two years back I started working on this track based on my influences from music producer Tim Bergling AKA Avicii. He was one of the main reasons I began producing electronic music. His

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Mendy Worch: KERESTIR – All New Single!

Known throughout his lifetime for performing miracles on behalf of the many Eastern European Jews who came to seek his counsel, those who flocked to the home of Reb Yeshaya Shteiner in the Hungarian town of Kerestir were warmly received

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Debut Single from Mendy Worch – Bunim – Now Available!

He has long been on the radar of those in the know and with the release of his first single, Mendy Worch is about to breathe new life into the world of Jewish music. Worch has been singing since age

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Mayan Yisroel presents the—– FLATBUSH LAG BAOMER EVENT & CONCERT with DOVID STEIN & BENNY FRIEDMAN also starring Mendy Worch – Boruch Shalom Blesofsky – Nachas – Shea Rubinstein ROLLERBLADING – STUNT SHOW – MARCHING BAND – BBQ – BIG

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A Parent Speaks Presents “An Evening of Song II”

A Parent Speaks proudly presents An Evening of Song II Kumzitz Experience of a Lifetime with Dovid Stein – Sruly Williger – Eitan Katz – Mendy Worch – Yosef Chaim Bloch Thursday April 7th 2011 – 8:00pm Kingway Jewish Center

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