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Presenting The New Hit From Aaron Razel “Achi Yaish Lecha Aish?”

Aaron Razel set up his place in the Beis Medrash (Kavati Et Moshavi) already two years ago, with his hit song that showed that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what type of Kippah you wear, if you

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Aaron Razel Releases A Yom Tov Hit “Ha Lachma Anya”

Aaron Razel is hard at work on his 10th album. After his album “Kavati Et Moshavi” became one of the biggest hits of the year in all sectors of the religious world, his new album is targeted towards the more

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Yemey Tzfat: The First Single From Aaron Razel Upcoming 10th Album

At 40 years old Aaron Razel is releasing his tenth album, and is opening up a new window for us into his heart. Razel is one of the first mainstream religious singers who extended himself into the non-religious sector with

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Aaron Razel Release’s New Single “Shir Haruchot”

Aaron Razel‘s previous album Kavati Et Moshavi has turned into both a flag and a symbol for him. Different groups that love Torah and the Beit Midrash have stood behind the sounds and the words of the song and turned

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Aaron Razel – Asarah Anishim | אהרון רזאל – עשרה אנשים

In honor of Aaron Razel‘s upcoming tour, yesterday he released this music video of the hit song “Asarah Anashim” of his latest album Kavati Et Moshavi. The video was filmed and directed by Ayal Tzion, script written by Ayal Tzion,

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Aaron Razel Releases New Album “Kavati Et Moshavi”

Eight months after releasing the single “Kavati Et Moshavi“, which became anthem for lovers of Torah in all sectors and chassidus, Aaron Razel finally releases his new album “Kavati“. This album is a significant event, identified many of the most

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AARON RAZEL in FIRST EVER Video Interview + FREE Song Download

Over the last few years more and more Jews across the globe are discovering the music of Aaron Razel. Was it because of the Krembo song, or perhaps his guest appearance on Yeedle’s last album Lev Echad? No one is

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Aaron Razel – Kavati Et Moshavi MUSIC VIDEO

Just weeks ago Aaron Razel released the first single and title track of his upcoming album “Kavati Et Moshavi“. Now he has released a music video for the song. “7 years ago,” recalls Razel, “I was on a shlichus with

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Aaron Razel With A Hit For Yeshivot “Kavati Et Moshavi BeBeit Hamidrash”

“7 years ago,” recalls Razel, “I was on a shlichus with my family in India. My brother Rabbi Yehuda, was giving a Daf Yomi shiur when they starting new rotation for Shas and I joined in”. “In two months I

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