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Aaron Razel With A New Album “K’ven Hamitga’agea”

Aaron Razel With A New Album “K’ven Hamitga’agea”

Twenty five years after the first hit that made Aaron known as a respected musician and a creative artist in Jewish music “Hasneh Bo’er“, and a decade after the hit “Kavati Et Moshavi” that established him as a musician of the world of Torah and Yeshiva, Aaron unveils his thirteenth album, the bar mitzvah album “K’ven Hamitga’agea“.

With inspiring consistency and perseverance, Aaron writes and composes week after week, month and year, decade and a quarter of a century, a gifted composer and talented troubadour who moves between populations, communities and shades in Orthodox Judaism, and stretches the creative boundaries between the sacred and the profane, between the sacred channel of Bnei Torah radio, and the playlist In the carousel of Israeli prime time when he skips between them naturally.

In his new album, alongside singles that have already been revealed and made their mark, Razel offers beautiful and unusual collaborations such as: “Ani Acher” with Avitar Banai and “Shema Yisrael” with David D’Or.

Aaron reveals that in the new album there are songs that were written twenty-five years ago (“Ish Kasher U’Pashut”, “Meheira”, “Ki Lo Tishakach” and “Rak Od Nigun Echad”), some of them on the bus ride to Tzefas as a tormented bachelor, or on the way to a concert at a summer camp in a remote forest in the north. On the other hand, one can find in the album songs that were written only in the last year “Ani He’Ani“, (which he wrote with his wife Efrat on the pier in Jaffa), “Ani Acher” (which was written on the piano in the living room when he suddenly remembered a moving text by the Rambam). Since it was released, many connected to the song “Moed Katan” composed by Aaron as a commentary on Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s story telling the story of a Holocaust survivor, in which he reveals himself again as a fascinating storyteller and a composer like no other.

And this is what Aaron Razel said about the new album: “It’s summer again. I find myself writing some words for my thirteenth album. The world of music has changed so much, the CDs have disappeared, observant singers who grew up on my first albums tell me about ‘Mayim Rabim‘ that was played in the car for two years the family, or about a ‘connected’ that accompanied them throughout their childhood.

Whoever loves perseverance and constancy, constancy will love him back. And so for the past year and a half, once or twice a week I go to the studio, we open with a Torah verse, then I pull out a new song or an old sketch and the magic begins. A melody that tickles the skin and tendons, sounds that rise and fall, a new album was born.”

Aaron is preparing to release the album with a series of shows, the first of which will be at bezras Hashem yid Elul in Gula in Petah Tikva.

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