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Carlebach “Come Back To Life” At HASC & Sings A Bernholz Hit

This is probably one of the most defining moments of Jewish Music history, when during the annual HASC concert this year in New York, the DD-Diamond production company created a hologram of R’ Shlomo Carlebach singing together with Shalom Bernholtz

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Chaim Twito Documented: The Prestigious ‘HASC’ Concert For The 36th Time [Photo Gallery]

Chaim Twito, the official photographer of the nostalgic ‘HASC‘ concert for the eighth year, presents a gallery from the prestigious and old musical concert that took place at NJ PAC in New Jersey and this year for the 36th time.

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Baruch Naftel – “The Album” – Audio Preview

Baruch Naftel started off his singing career as a child soloist in his Yeshiva Choir. Over the last number of years, Baruch has performed at many Weddings and Concerts, and as a Baal Tefilah for the Yomim Noraim, all across

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VIN Exclusive Video: Yehuda Green Bringing The Music of Reb Shlomo To The Next Generation

New York – While there are many performers out there who claim to be the next Shlomo Carlebach, there is no questions that it is Yehuda Green  who seems to the be the heir to that particular throne. In a

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