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Tag "Daniel Ahaviel"

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Yonatan Shainfeld Returns With A New Single: “Bosie Legani”

The singer with the golden voice who conquered stages all over the world, is making a comeback to singing after spending many years learning Torah in Yeshiva. He is now releasing a new single that was written and composed together

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Israel In Our Hearts – F. D. D. Artists Presenting A New Song For A New Year

Following the yearly tradition, all artists represented by F.D.D Productions by David Fadida joined together in a special song written in honor of the Land of Israel. The song, called ‘Israel in our Hearts‘, talks about the deep connection that

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Fried, MBD, Itzik Dadya, Amir Hadad, Ben Snuf, Cantor Dov Heller & The F.D.D. “Vocal’s” All Participated In A Historic Wedding 0

At the Davidson Center at the foot of the Western Wall, the world’s largest Jewish wedding ceremony took place this past weekend. A huge “My Tours” production under the direction of producer Jeff Busidan who turned the area of ancient

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Hup Kozak I Daniel Ahaviel & Daniel Zamir

Chabad Jazz saxophone artist Daniel Zamir is turning to a new direction. After working his way through the best Jazz festivals in Israel together with some of the biggest names in the world of Israeli music, he is turning to

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Pisgot Chayecha I Uziya Tzadok I Live

After conquering the country with his beautiful voice and performing on nearly every possible stage, Uziya Tzadok is releasing a new album from a concept concert that he performed in Tel Aviv. The concert was accompanied by an orchestra of

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Uziya Tzadok Presents “Habeit” The First Single Off his Upcoming DVD

Uziya Tzadok does not stop for a moment. Since winning first place in the Beit Sefer Lamuzikah he has already released two singles, and now he is releasing a full DVD of a concept concert that he gave in Tel

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Ohad Moskowitz LIVE in Binyanei Ha’Umah [Photo Gallery]

On the first day of Chol Hamoed in Israel in Binyanei Ha’Umah in Yerushalayim, Ohad Moskowitz performed a concert in honor of the release of his latest album. The hall was decorated in honor of the Chag and it was

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Trailer For The Upcoming Itzik Dadya Live! DVD

Five months after he released his 3rd album Mechavein El Ha’or, Itzik Dadya is giving us more. He is now releasing an impressive new DVD album of his CD release concert, available in HD. It features the songs that we’ve

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Chanukas Beis Hamidrash “Heichal Shimshon” L’zichro Shimshon Delevkovitz z”l

Last Sunday in Yeshivas Derech Hayashar in Afula, there was a Chanukas Beis Hamidrash “Heichal Shimshon“, in memory of Shimshon Delevkovitz. The Yeshiva is led by R’ Chaim Horovitz Shlita, and was started about 6 years ago by R’ Horovitz

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Itzik Dadya Launches His Third Album “Mechavein El Ha’Or”

A few days ago Itzik Dadya held a release concert for his new album “Mechavein El Ha’Or” in Tel Aviv. The event started with a siyum and some Divrei Bracha from R’ Chaim Horovitz, and immediately thereafter the music started.

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