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Israel In Our Hearts – F. D. D. Artists Presenting A New Song For A New Year

Israel In Our Hearts – F. D. D. Artists Presenting A New Song For A New Year

Following the yearly tradition, all artists represented by F.D.D Productions by David Fadida joined together in a special song written in honor of the Land of Israel. The song, called ‘Israel in our Hearts‘, talks about the deep connection that every Jew feels for the holy land of Israel.
Among participating artists are great singers such as Ohad Moskowitz, Itzik Dadya, Uziya Tzadok, The Kinderlach, The Vocals, maestro Gershon Frieshtat and violinist Daniel Ahaviel. The song itself was composed, written and produced by duo Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry. The song was filmed as a unique video clip with participation of all the artists, and includes breathtaking images from the country’s landscapes, which constitute a spectacular accompaniment to the heartfelt words.

The initiator of this special project is Simon Jacob, a new immigrant, who also participates in the video clip and talks about the great miracle that is happening to the Jewish people, with the return of Jews from all corners of the world back to the Holy Land. Jacob, along with global Jewish media celebrity Nachum Segal and F.D.D. Productions, are active throughout the year in a variety of projects among Jewish communities around the world.

Ohad Moskowitz says that his participation in the video clip was only natural. “There is no better way to convey a message than music,” he says. “I myself was born in Belgium and immigrated in my youth to live in the State of Israel. Every day I receive correspondence from people all over the world who tell me how I managed to touch their hearts and souls. I see it as my mission to relate to people through music.”

For Itzik Dadya, the message of the song reminded him of his experiences in the IDF. “My service in the army as part of the military rabbinic band shaped my worldview regarding the Land of Israel,” relates Itzik. “Today, in my concerts all over the world, I see myself as an ambassador of the State of Israel. I continue to represent it with respect, and this was also my goal in this special song.”

David Fadida, director and producer, is also very excited about the project. “For over 20 years, I have been producing artists and projects in the field of Jewish music. I believe that there is no greater mission than to create connections that cross borders and unify all for one purpose. This is what drives me to continue innovating and initiating every day as if it were my first day at work.”

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