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Chaim Israel also wants to go to Uman

Chaim Israel released a a new single for the New Year and in honor of Rabbi Nachman. The song “Rosh Bnei Yisrael” fwhich has the roshei teivos  Rebi (Reish Beis Yud) Lyrics By: Yossi Gyaspne – Composer: Adi Leon –

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Pictures from “Shwekey Returns to Caseria” Show

The huge audience was thirsty for his songs, and the last 2 nights chassidic singer Yaakov Shwekey did not let them down when he appeared for the second time Hall of Fame of Israeli music. The stadium at Caseria was

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“Derech Chadasha” – Chaim Israel

Chaim Israel one of the great middle eastern singers. Behind him more than ten are considered inalienable goods in music. Chaim’s big break was with the hit song “Yisgadal Vyiskadash” more then a decade ago, and from there its all

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Chaim Israel – Echsoif

Chaim Israel presents the quiet emotional ballad “Echsoif” from the album that will finally be released after Lag B’Omer. Echsoif composed by Shmuel Yona  and arranged by Moshe Laufer. This song gives life to all people connect longing to requests

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