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Nachum Segal Presents Gershon Veroba and Live Music at JM in the AM

Nachum hosted the great Gershon Veroba , along with Larry Gates, Gal Gershovsky, Aryeh Kunstler and Shmuel “Berry” Weber to help celebrate the official debut of Gershon’s new CD “Second Impressions: Don’t Stop .” They played several of the new

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B’LEV ECHAD – Aryeh Kunstler FREE song download 0

A message from Aryeh Kunstler Dear friend, I hope this email finds you well. As we approach the joyous month of Adar, we must keep in mind the tragic events that occurred just one year ago when eight young men were taken

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This show is really going to be incredible. Yakov Chessed will be doing unplugged/acoustic songs with Aryeh, our full rock tunes (and Aryeh’s too), and some new songs they haven’t played live outside of Calgary. They will also have rising

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New Single featuring Aryeh Kunstler & Yossi Piamenta 0

Dancing Bear Orchestra Presents a brand new Single featuring Aryeh Kunstler & Yossi Piamenta entitled "Yisroel Betach bashem". The CD is being released to benefit the ONE ISRAEL FUND. For more information on O.I.F. please visit their website at http://www.oneisraelfund.org

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YU Chanukah Concert 2008 14

First of all tickets wont be on sale REALLY until a few days from now so this is breaking news. The Undergraduate Students Council of Yeshiva University and J & R Music World and Computer World proudly Present the YU

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JI EXCLUSIVE! FIRST LISTEN – V’Havienu 3 Dani & Aryeh Kunstler 4

  Well its almost here. For those of you who don’t remember when V’Havienu first appeared in your local judaica store it was back in the summer of 2004. The album was fresh and different and people like it. The english

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