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Tag "Ahavat Chinam"

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Torah Box Presents: Ahavat Chinam – All Star Cast

The Torah Box Kiruv organization from France is releasing a cover/French parody of Yaakov Shwekey’s song I Am Alive, featuring many top singers, including Yaakov Shwekey, Netanel Yisrael, Itzik Orlev, Danny Palgon, Gavriel Sabag, Daniel Levi, and Steve Astin. The

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Yisroel Schaechter With A Special Message For The Nine Days

The Badchan and Grammer Yisroel Schaechter has been in this field for many years. From badchening at night for Chassanim & Kallos to entertaining at dinners and various events, his talent, humor and sincerity touch all listeners. Recently, Klal Yisroel

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Israel Gavra – Ahavat Chinam

Singer Israel Gavra is releasing a new single called Ahavat Chinam.

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Meir Chajabi – Ahavat Chinam Acapella

Singer Meir Chajabi recreates the song by Yonatan Shainfeld and Shuki Salomon “Ahavat Chinam” written by Solomon and composed by the two together. Vocal arrangement: Menachem Munis and Meir Chajabi

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Avi Perets With A New Single “Ahavat Chinam”

Praise and thanks to Hashem, the international singer Avi Perets from New York is releasing a new single titled “Ahavat Chinam.” Avi wrote the lyrics himself to the composition of the talented Motti Reuben and Lior Miara. The song was

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Yonatan Shainfeld – Ahavat Chinam [Official Music Video]

A moment after Yom Kippur, in the chag atmosphere, Yonatan Shainfeld releases a new single “Ahavat Chinam“. The songs was written by Shuki Salomon who also accompanied Yonatan in producing the song. For the last while the Israeli society has

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Sruli & Netanel – Ahavat Chinam [Official Music Video]

From the age of zero we are taught the concept of Ahavat Chinam. Sruli Broncher and Netanel Yisrael decided to turn the phrase which is so embedded in our psyche into the hit song of the summer. In the song’s

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Ovadia Chamama Presents: First single From The Album of Songs By Rabbi Kook 2

Ovadia Chamama is releasing the first song off his new upcoming project, his second album from the songs of R’ Kook. His first album of R’ Kook’s precious words was a tremendous hit and touched many hearts with Chamama’s compositions

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Eli Ben Harush Releases His Second Single “Ahavat Chinam”

Just a few weeks ago singer Eli Ben Harush released his debut single Yerushalayim Mikdasheinu, and he is already now releasing his second from his upcoming album. Now that Yom Kippur is approaching, he is releasing his song called Ahavat

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Pirchei Yisrael Boys Choir – Ahavat Chinam

There is a new album that has arrived on the Jewish music scene. The Pirchei Yisrael Boys Choir from Givat Shmuel with their new single “Ahavat Chinam” off their new album. The choir, conducted by Meir Gabai and managed by

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