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Exclusive: Jewish Music Distributor Breaks Ground Using New Technology [video]

New York – Pick up a copy of Lipa Schmeltzer’s new album, Meimke D’Lipa, when it appears in stores next week and you may notice a small square tag consisting of brightly colored triangles on the back of the album.

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Where will LIPA spend Pesach this year? at Your seder!!!

Lipa Schmeltzer, one of the most innovative entertainers in modern Jewish Music, has done it again! Lipa has released his very own Hagadah! With stunning photographs and step by step instructions, follow along through the Seder with your favorite Jewish artist.

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Chasoif: A Song In Honor of the Mumbai Shloishim. 0

    Everyone helps out in the way that they can. Since I work with many talented people in the Jewish music industry, I wanted to do something musical that would express our feelings on the upcoming Shloishim of the

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DOVID STEIN – SAMPLER. In Stores Tomorrow!

Well folks its actually here! The much anticipated Dovid Stein SAMPLER!. Confirmed by a contact at Universal Recording (duplication) the CD’s will be shipped today and in stores first thing in the am tomorrow. Hei sent me last night the

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Song: I’m Still You Child Sung by: Shloime Daskal Off the Album: Poseach Es Yodecha 2008 Lyrics by: Chaim Reinman Composed by: Yitzy Waldner. This song was inspired by a story that happened to someone that Shloime Daskal knew. He

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DOVID STEIN – Inside Scoop. Updated cover & song preview 0

This Scoop just in: The album is now being called "MELECH!". Eli & Dovid added 2 songs since the album was named Muvtach and by far Melech became the standout!. Eli also says that Dovid Steins Master is being finished

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YOSSI MAYER IS HERE!!! See the Video Sampler 0

IN STORES NOW!!!. A beautiful album with a new rising star by the name of Yossi Mayer. His debut album will be called “Reb Meir Omer”. A GYL Production, Produced by Gideon Levine. Featuring music arranged by a talented and

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Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt – Od Yosef Chai

This year marks the 75th year since the passing of Reb Yossele Rosenblatt, the quintessential chazzan and the benchmark for excellence against whom all future chazzanim would be measured. Amazingly, despite the 75 years since his passing and the more

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Yeedle V – SAMPLER & VIDEO 0

Yeedle is approaching the finish line in assembling his fifth solo album. Years of meticulously selecting songs have resulted in a mix of brilliant melodies. He is featuring lively compositions from his father – the inimitable MBD; a masterpiece wedding

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