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DOVID STEIN – Inside Scoop. Updated cover & song preview

This Scoop just in: The album is now being called "MELECH!". Eli & Dovid added 2 songs since the album was named Muvtach and by far Melech became the standout!. Eli also says that Dovid Steins Master is being finished this evening. The cover/jacket is already being printed as of this morning. We hope to have the product in stores iy"h by mid next week latest!.

We should have a sampler sometime Thursday. Till then read about a mini interview I had with Dovid a few months ago.

There has been a LOT of talk on the web in the last few weeks about Dovid Stein. So far 2 release dates were given and no product. Here we have some Q & A with Dovid about the album and a 3 min preview of one of the songs to whet your appetite.

How long have you been working on this cd? ? About two years

How did you meet Eli Gerstner? Yossi Newman who leads the Yeshiva Boys Choir is also a very well known One Man Band, he plays keyboard. We were doing a lot of weddings together and he was the "shadchan" between Eli and I.

Why didn’t the cd come out when you say it would on yud tes kislev? The original date WAS for Yud Tes Kislev but it was very difficult for Eli to get me in the studio to do the vocals because B"H i’m very busy with weddings.

Why now did it get pushed off again till Rosh Chodesh Elul? The CD is actually ready to be printed, however Eli as well as Mendy Wertyger from Aderet didn’t think that right before pesach was the best time to release a new album, because of sfirat haomer. Meaning we would have to invest in advertising and then we would only have two weeks for the album to sell before sfira, and after going over this with Eli, Mendy, and my Rebbe’im we concluded that the best time would be right after everyone gets back from summer vacation.

What do you do in the meanwhile? Are you performing? I sing at a lot of weddings in the New York, New Jersey area, I also do weddings across the united states from Miami to Los Angeles. As far as concerts go I’ve performed in a few including the one with the DVD titled "Yeshiva Boys Choir Live II" where I sing a song that will be on my album called "Leyzers" niggun. It’s a song that Eli wrote. I will also be singing with YBC and The Chevra Tuesday night Chol hamoed, in Massachusettes on Wednesday, and with Avraham Fried and Miami boys choir on Thursday night Chol Hamoed.

Please tell me about the album and what there is to look forward to? The album has 12 amazing songs. Eli wrote most of them but we have some from Yitzi Waldner, Yossi Green, Yosef Chaim Bloch, and we have arrangements from Yisroel Lamm, Eli Gerstner and Moshe Laufer. I basically wanted a Mordechai Ben David style album with an Eli Gerstner twist to it, and I think that ppl will be very pleasantly surprised when they hear it.

To show you what I mean Eli and I have decided to only release this clip of V’haviosim written by Eli Gerstner and arranged by Yisroel Lamm. I can assure u that we will release more as we get closer to the album.

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