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SHUVI – Zalman Pollack

SHUVI – Zalman Pollack

The relationship we have with Hashem is a remarkable one. Throughout our history the nations of the world have always tried to entice the Yidden to follow them, they call out to the Jews ‘Shuvi, Shuvi’ turn toward us and away from Hashem. To which we answer ‘Ma Techezu’ what can you possibly offer us that would compare to the beautiful relationship we have with Hashem.

This stunning melody truly brings across this message that is so important for us to cherish the relationship we have with Hashem. It was a real joy recording this song and working with all these extremely talented individuals, especially Tzvi Fishoff of Goldfish Records who produced this masterpiece and Aryeh Kunstler of Roar Recording whose guitars and mix took this production to the next level.
- Zalman

Produced by: Goldfish Records
Directed by: I. Schnitz
Composed by: Yochanan Shapiro
Arranged by: Tzvi Fishoff
Guitars by: Aryeh Kunstler
Originally Recorded by: Michoel Pruzansky | Ben Snof
Mixed and Mastered by: Aryeh Kunstler @ Roar Recording
Marketing: I & Me Media
Special Thanks to Chad Kaminetzky

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