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“Kabulas Hatorah – Shavous “! Yakov Shlomo Gross, Malchus Choir & Bentzi Kletzkin

“Kabulas Hatorah – Shavous “! Yakov Shlomo Gross, Malchus Choir & Bentzi Kletzkin

Yakov Shlomo Gross a star singer, badchan and entertainer from the USA, his reputation is that of a performer who leaves his crowd emotional and inspired & uplifted through his sweet voice and energy. Even at his relatively young age, Yakov Shlomo has had great success having performed at some of the biggest events in the US and around the World.

In honor of Shavous, Yakov Shlomo presents to you a new collection of hand selected songs and melodies setting the Shavous Vibe – From the all night learning and reciting Tikun Leil Shvuos to the scrumptious Milchig Kiddush and everything in between.

For this unique production Gross returned to his home town Yerushalayim, and partnered with the Malchus Choir led by Pinchas Bichler who is also the producer of this video.

The music video features wonderchild Bentzi Kletzkin performing in a Shavous night Shul scene.
The Video opens with a Yiddish version of the traditional song “Kad Yasvin Yisroel” that has been sang throughout the ages in eastern Europe before the war. The medley then transitions to a composition by the previous Rebbe of Skulen “Ma Nimlitzu” and then continues to the Viznitzer “Baruch Hu Elokeinu” and “Kuritz Meichomer”. The video also features the newly popularized song from the Rebbe of Rivnitz “Torah Hakdosha” recently released by Lipa Schmeltzer, and of course one cannot pass Shvuas without the “V’haer Eineinu” sung in Satmer. After the traditional “Akdumos” the crowd breaks out in a exhilarating dance to the song “Kabulas Hatorah” composed by the Rebbe of Kaliv ZT”L. The video ends with a traditional dance medley with new words in Yiddish added by Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Finkel the Rosh Yeshiva of the Mir in Yerushalayim.

The crowd bares farewell to each other over the song “Uvau Chulom” which was sung at Har Sinai according to the Rebbes of Belz.

Sung: Yakov Shlomo Gross feat. Child Soloist Bentzi Kletzkin
Choir: Malchus Choir
Concept & Vocal Arrangement: Pinchas Bichler
Arranged By: Benny Laufer
Recording Studios: M.W. – Michael Weinberger, P’eir, Michael Tzi & Yanky Cohen
Videography: Yosef Shlest
Stage Design & Video Editing: Hershy Segal
Production: Michael Tzi
Film Location: Bet Ha’eleh Hotel
Lighting: Artur Martzanko
Styling Design: Chocolov
Dairy Spread: Ricotta Restaurant
Florist: Uri Weinstock
Graphics: SDR
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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